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South Koreans Greet 'Warmongering Trump' With Clear Message: 'Shut Up, Get Out'


South Koreans Greet 'Warmongering Trump' With Clear Message: 'Shut Up, Get Out'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"The war-threatening, weapons salesman Trump is not welcome here."

Vacancies, Low Morale at Trump's State Department Has Left Agency 'Near Collapse'

The population of South Korea is 51.25 million, which coincidentally is the same number of human shields that Trump hides behind as he waves his microscopic junk at Kim Jong-un.


Funny, I posted the same thing on my website after he said the White House was a dump.



On October 10, North Korea’s nuclear program may have ended because of that tunnel collapse. There may be other nuclear warheads stored underground somewhere but unless NK is able to manufacture new warheads, their program may run out of ammunition. I suspect that latest explosion over the Pacific could be one of the last.

Trump needs to shut up if North Korea is a decreasing threat and spend the ensuing time negotiating a treaty with North Korea by more skilled government negotiators than Trump.

Good for South Korea – Trump needs to know he isn’t welcome in many world locations. Lord knows, he isn’t welcome here, either. He should put us all out of our misery and let his Alzheimer’s grow even greater…


I know it is inappropriate to discuss the money at this point, because the Humanity of the situation is so Paramount, but…

How many people would be covered by Healthcare if we weren’t sending
three US aircraft carriers, accompanied by guided-missile destroyers and submarines
to play chicken with the other imbecile in this relationship?


Good for the South Koreans! Now all they have to do is get their quisling government to listen to them.


Maybe they’re hoping our government will listen to us.


Whether NK is an increasing or decreasing threat, Trump needs to shut up. He contributes nothing positive.


" War threatening weapons salesman."

That says it all!


Excellent point indeed, with just the pentagon wasted dollars since 2011 alone we could have paid for healthcare for all Americans, free college education and money for mental illness treatment and homeless epidemics to name a few.


Not to mention helping to rebuild the many nations and peoples we have decimated.


If ever there were a quintessential “persona non grata,” DJT is it.

In diplomacy, a persona non grata (Latin: “person not appreciated”, plural: personae non gratae) is a foreign person whose entering or remaining in a particular country is prohibited by that country’s government. Being so named is the most serious form of censure which a country can apply to foreign diplomats, who are otherwise protected by diplomatic immunity from arrest and other normal kinds of prosecution

He is despised throughout Europe and in almost every country on every continent (excepting Antarctica perhaps); considered a village idiot by Putin; used by Bibi and Israel; and manipulated by the Saudi’s. Yet, in his mind (and mirror), he is “king of the world.”


Then their hopes are sorely misguided. USians have even less influence over the government than SK does to theirs.


We are no better than the N. Korean government.
We are starving and rendering our citizens homeless and sick just to prop up an enormous military machine.
Another $100 billion for the military ought to about do it for America, the former “land of the free”.


Yeah, Trump is a man without a country and that includes most of the US.


Wish that the majority of americanos were as vocal and to the point as South Koreans.


Would that USAns were not so conflicted as we are and could function intelligently amidst the ambiguity and chaotic misinformation engineered to support mr. t and corporate “persons.” We, too, might muster the courage to say “Shut Up; Get Out.” Ah, the Paradise Papers! I do wish Americans would read and understand these documents. People are more powerful than money.


This is the same greeting Trump should be met with where ever he goes in America.

Shut Up and Get Out!


No. Braun without brains is merely brutality.

This just in:


It is a darn good thing N. Korean peoples have a few nukes otherwise there would be 30 million dead and destroyed N. Korean peoples by now.
Be sad for survivors as we cheered on our Brave warriors, but we Americans know and understand, War is hell, and who gives a damn, hell is over there, not here in land of shopping freedom.
Bells would be ringing from Church steeples, over God’s people, and before the games began, we would sing the National Anthem.
Red necks would place biggest flags found and shred them all to hell when driving around
Beer sales would soar, as patriots watched the destruction, get out the Viagra and fu… for old glory.
Plastic flags and ribbons upon foreign name SUV., Pick ups 4x4 made in Canada with " Don’t Tread On Me" flag, a snake in the grass driven by a couch-patriot ass.