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South Koreans Plan to Welcome 'War Lunatic' Trump With Mass Protest, Demands for Peace


South Koreans Plan to Welcome 'War Lunatic' Trump With Mass Protest, Demands for Peace

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"Who can possibly welcome a foreign leader who talks about the possibility of a war on their land?"

South Korean President Moon Jae-in and U.S. President Donald Trump


The people of both North and South Korea have suffered more than enough over these last 5 decades. They’ve paid the price for the ambitions and greed of their “leaders,” and have reaped only sorrow.

It appears that the only thing preventing the conclusion of a peace treaty, easing of tensions, and possible reunification, is a small group of powerful people on each side of the DMZ who benefit from the status quo (and of course their foreign cheerleaders and sponsors).

All power to the people!


Some are wagering that trump’s a very physically ill man not up to the rigors of this trip. Quite frankly they think the stresses of even a neglectful presidency like his are too much for him to endure. Be nice if this could end quietly.


And when the demented dimwit visits the DMZ, which he just might well do according to several sources, will he be wearing his gold suit of armor riding on a Lippizaner stallion; or in a gold carriage drawn by four white carriage horses; or dressed in a custom-made military style uniform covered in gold braid while riding side saddle on a donkey lead by Pence dressed in same? In any case, there must be lots and lots of gold.


The only place the diabolical despot will be welcomed with open arms is in the private brothel of his fellow despot, Duterte (of course, while Melania gets a Brazilian and other luxurious spa treatments for pennies on the dollar).


I am guessing Der Trump-in-Fuhrer will be a strutting in a period piece ensemble of George Washington military swag.


Oh I don’t know. Despite being a fat lazy lard-ass, he does play golf like 50 times/month, more than any President in history, in only the first 10 months of his term. If he can handle that, he can probably handle an airplane ride in a luxury jet, a few rides in a luxury limosine, and sitting in comfy chairs for a couple of days.


McMaster: North Korea Threatens “Entire World”

Be scared. Be very scared…the better to get your money…


Hopefully their protests will be of an intensity that will dissuade this “trump” to abandon the korean intrusion.


Eliminating the South Korea-US business supremacy treaty is necessary for
two reasons I know of.

  • It imposes a DMCA-style ban on devices that can break Digital
    Restrictions Management (DRM); see DefectiveByDesign.org.
    DRM is an injustice and laws like this prop up the injustice.
    Every treaty that imposes this requirement must be abolished.

  • It imposes ISDS, which stands for “investor-state dispute
    settlement” or “I sue democratic states”. This system gives foreign
    companies more rights in either country than its own citizens have,
    thus effectively moving both countries a step towards being colonies
    of business. Every treaty that imposes this system must be abolished.

See stallman.org/business-supremacy-treaties.html for more about the
harm “free trade” treaties generally do.


As one who makes meager supplement to her retirement/disability benefits from intellectual property, spare me your injustice. I don’t know anything about ISDS, but I do know something about what Koreans think of being a US military colony and of baiting Kim to start a war. I know that such details of the trade treaties are far behind their desire to live and to reunite with with their namable blood kin. You seem just as much concerned with your own wealth as djt is.