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South Park Meets Shark Tank: Two Leaders, One Destiny, Many Waterfront Condos


South Park Meets Shark Tank: Two Leaders, One Destiny, Many Waterfront Condos

Among the many weirdnesses of the Trump-Kim Jong Un summit - wherein two liars/bullies reached a vague "agreement" as Dennis Rodman sobbed - was the White House's cheesy video featuring soaring music, waving flags and ostensibly stirring rhetoric: "Only a few are called on to make a difference." Weirder still was Trump's solution to everything. Instead of "exploding their cannons into the ocean," North Korea could "have the best hotels in the world right there!" Because peace always equals a real estate deal.


The video literally made me sick to my stomach… A propaganda film that would have made Goebbels cry.


Which of Trump’s spawn will get the bestest beach real estate? Did Trump take with him a promissory note for Kim Jong Un to sign away the rights to such? How does one say “Trump” in Korean? It’s probably very close to how one says “Bullshit”.


Goebbels never would have seen it. Leni Riefenstahl would have taken one look at the rough cuts and lamented, “There is nothing I can do with this!”


LOL! Love it!


The film is cheesy but hopeful. If Kim and Trump can relate to it, and it helps bring peace between N. Korea and the U.S., then that’s wonderful.

Unfortunately, the neolib Dems, from Pelosi and Schumer on down, as well as the liberal writers of snark, are trying to sandbag Trump’s move towards peace. Schumer said: “President Trump seems to have given away two or three of the major things that Kim Jong-Un wanted: A meeting. The flags next to each other. Now a delay of exercises with South Korea, without getting anything in return.” https://caitlinjohnstone.com/2018/06/13/centrists-are-very-concerned-that-donald-fucking-trump-isnt-hawkish-eno

Oh, no!!! A meeting! Flags next to each other! A delay of the “war games” on N. Korea’s border that can only be described as U.S. terrorism, since the N. Koreans remember when we spent three years bombing them back to the stone age, dropping tons of napalm on them and flattening every single village. We killed 20% of their population; the survivors had to live in caves.

The U.S. is not the good guy in this situation, and never has been. We were in Korea in the first place to support the vicious dictator Syngman Rhee. http://original.antiwar.com/justin/2013/07/28/who-really-started-the-korean-war/ . Trump is horrible. But if he manages to bring peace to N. Korea, we should all rejoice, even the dog-in-the-manger Democratic Party elite.


Well, I hope this works out . There is no reason for a peace plan to have taken this long-------except that the war lords really like war and want to control the world. Unfortunately their individual lives suck-------so that explains" Make America Great Again." .
The worst scenario is that Israel thinks this North Korean action is o.k. because America really should only have one evil one at a time. Israel will o.k. this with North Korea, so that make Iran the evil one to focus on.
America works better with just 1 enemy at a time. .800 bases is just too confusing-----and trying to find out who is who and where is who is like asking “Where’s Waldo.?”
Then -----when North Korea is set, America will attack Iran and then suddenly start saying wait!-------NORTH KOREA IS THE reincarnation
of Libya and therefore America will whack No, Korea, as Libya was WHACKED .because the generals love war and the American war lords always need enemies. I wish we would focus on friends and a healing planet though, but the Pompus Man and the Walrus Stash Man seem to like blood. : (