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Sovereign Corporations Occupy The Commons


Sovereign Corporations Occupy The Commons

Mark Taliano

The “Fourth World”, as defined by Anthony J. Hall in The American Empire And The Fourth World, is a sustainable model of globalization that respects cultural, economic, and environmental pluralism, as it embraces globalized democracy, and the rights of self –determination. It represents trajectories towards Life and the rule of law, but needs to be allied with an effective apparatus of enforcement.


In Django unchained , the slave owner that owns the plantation called Candyland proclaims that given a slave his property it his right to do as he wishes to his property restricted neither by his own conscience or the objections or laws of others.

That same mentality is inside those corporations and individuals when describing their own “right to property” that is exerted over the natural world. As far as they are concerned property has no rights and the owner master over all.

As such as they define ever more of the natural world as property they extinguish those same rights and yes , as Morales of Bolivia has stated and as is a concept still of our First Nations peoples , nature too has rights.


Excellent article. Luckily, for now, the Fast Track mechanism to push TPP and TIPP hit a roadblock. Amen, to that!


Alas, I fear that enough palms will be greased and TTP, TTIP and TISA will be passed.