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Spain Not Satisfied With CIA Answers on Embassy Attack


Spain Not Satisfied With CIA Answers on Embassy Attack

Jefferson Morley

The story of the February 22 break-in at the North Korean embassy in Madrid gets more intriguing by the day.

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Seems to me like a firing squad for Pompeo and Haspel would extract more info than any other action.

My money’s on the CIA committing this brazen raid.

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Since Spain is not satisfied with the CIA’s answers, it should withdraw from NATO, shut down its US Bases & end aid to Israel & end its participation in wars started by the USA.



Yeah. debriefing American officials has to say something, though there are other agencies.

Meanwhile, what would sensitive information about the North Korean nuclear weapons program be doing at its embassy in Madrid? One has to expect that that is not actually the target information–not what was sought nor what was found, but what the agency might prefer to present itself as searching.

So, lots of questions–what-all is involved in a “pivot to Asia”?



What intel could possibly be worth sparking an international incident and committing an act of war against 2 countries over? And how could doing so possibly be in America’s best interests?
This seems like abject stupidity, or a psychopathic level of arrogance.
CIA has been called a rogue agency by quite a few elected officials over the years, including one of its creators, and i for one am inclined to believe that assessment.