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Spain Offers Safe Port After 'Completely Inhuman' Italy and Malta Refuse Ship of 600+ Refugees Rescued at Sea


Spain Offers Safe Port After 'Completely Inhuman' Italy and Malta Refuse Ship of 600+ Refugees Rescued at Sea

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

After a top Italian official threatened to close off all of the country's ports to refugees and, along with Malta, barred a ship carrying more than 600 migrants rescued in Mediterranean Sea to dock—a move critics decried as a blatant violation of international law—advocates praised Spain on Monday for offering "safe port" to the vessel.


Thank you, Spain!


Africa has long suffered unrest in the Sub Sahran countries and prior to 2011 people fleeing those conflicts, which were generally insitigated by Western Powers so as to garner access to resources , found sanctuary in Qadaffi’s Libya.

NATO with Italian and Spanish Government support , destroyed the government of Libya and turned it into a failed State. The consequences of this are people trying to flee unrest in the Sub Sahara have no where to go so they try and enter Europe.


Yup, trace the refugee issue to its source and the US-led corporate capitalist system is squarely implicated.


Good for Spain.

Am wondering if this is related to the new gov’t of Italy?


The land of the the Inquisition has progressed nicely, though humanity’s progress is inexorably slow. I wonder how Goya would paint the landing of this ship and the disembarkment of the refugees. I hope he would smile at the opportunity.


Why leave Africa?
Yes, there are the wars and the Arab Spring thing.

Also the Ebola mess, a biological issue,
Also AIDS, another biological issue.
Also climate change, causing the Sahela, that area between the Sahara and the tropical jungle, to cook. The Sahela is a sort of curse, because it can be habitable for a few years, leading to settlements, and then experience years of drought.It is best suited for nomadic life, not modern style countries with borders.
Also, um, some outsiders in every country trying to help, um, and maybe help outsiders from other countries to leave. It’s tough on the locals.


What is Europe going to do when Climate Change really kicks in and water becomes even more scarce. There will be tens of millions on the move…It is inevitable and it’s going to be one of the truly great horror shows ever.