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Spain’s Democratic Spring


Spain’s Democratic Spring

Oscar Reyes

Imagine that the Occupy Movement stood for election in New York and won, or that anti-gentrification activists took over the city hall in San Francisco. That’s what just happened in Spain, where citizens’ groups with roots in the anti-austerity indignados movement performed so well in recent municipal elections that they now lead governments in the country’s three largest cities — Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia — along with several others.


Indignados, Podemos, call it what you want, it is the Rising Voice of the People.
And it is a Sweet Breath of Fresh Air.
Imagine Logical Compassion in Government? Instead of Greed!


“In Madrid, meanwhile, scenes of panic were reported at the Club de Campo Villa de Madrid, a high-society country club built on city-owned property, when Manuela Carmena promised to re-designate the area as a public park.”

It appears that the rich in Spain are the same as the rich everywhere, born with a deep sense of entitlement.

Long live Occupy, I mean, Indignados…whatever. This was a long time due. Too bad that in the US the government is much more repressive than in Spain, and consequently the Occupy movement didn’t evolve, or hasn’t yet evolved, into effective political action.