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Spain: Trial Begins for Former Salvadoran Colonel Accused of ’89 Jesuit Massacre

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/11/spain-trial-begins-former-salvadoran-colonel-accused-89-jesuit-massacre

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One of the main differences between a highly evolved culture and a primitive culture such as humans is they absolutely use no violence whatsoever. They don’t kill anything.

When human awaken from their self induced nightmare they will kill no more .
Life will be given the highest value .

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I have awakened and live in this nightmare and often wish for death because being awake is so painful but then human love can be so very healing. Peace and joy.

Props as always to the actual practicing journalist Brett Wilkins, who puts the “mainstream” corporate media to shame with his simple honest reporting in clear historical context. What journalism should be.

And props to Spanish Judge García-Castellón for continuing to work diligently at accounting for historical wrongs.