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Spanish Centralism or the Self-Defeating Hubris of the Authoritarian Mind

Spanish Centralism or the Self-Defeating Hubris of the Authoritarian Mind

Thomas S. Harrington

On Wednesday, the Spanish government conducted a number of armed raids upon government ministries in Barcelona, and effectively suspended the charter of the autonomous government to which they belong in order to interdict the circulation of that most dangerous of social threats: ballot boxes and the little paper slips that citizens place in them on polling days.


I liked the writing with historical and current rigor.
Catalunya wants to be a protagonist among the Peoples of Europe, does not want to be subaltern of an ancient Spain that demands privileges as in the dark times of repression.


Thank you, Thomas Harrington, for more and better information on this topic than we would get from our Corporate-controlled news in a year.


I have my doubts about Mr. Harrington’s history in the article. I had read elsewhere, over several years, that the current decentralized nature of Spain is rather more recent than 1978.

A bit of Spanish history I once read: About 300 or 400 years ago Spain and Madrid got tired of Catalonia not contributing its fair share (as Madrid figured it) to the kingdom’s budget. So Madrid deliberately started a war with France, with Catalonia in the middle of it. Catalonia sided with France in the first phase of the war. After a year or more of being governed by France, Catalonia decided that life had been better with Madrid and switched sides.

To be seen what happens. It would also be interesting to see what the European Court of Justice and Brussels thinks of this.

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Mr Harrington thank you for connecting the dots

So much of what you presented matched what I had followed on my own, but i couldn’t piece together the local underlying threats

You nailed it with the señoritos

We got em here and they represent the most repugnant of the little sniveling liars in our present administration

We must forge ahead


I can’t believe this is getting no coverage

Madrid is sending in state police to control Catalonian local police

The Catalonian Chief of Police is refusing to comply

Madrid is afraid of the little ballot box

Too true. Stay the course Barcelona you can make it