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Spanish Prime Minister Announces Plan for 'Coup', Taking Control of Catalonia


Spanish Prime Minister Announces Plan for 'Coup', Taking Control of Catalonia

Julia Conley, staff writer

Thousands of Catalans were planning protests for Saturday afternoon following Rajoy's announcement


Finally coverage of the Paramount Coup d’État of Catalonia.

Time for our Basque Family to open a second front on Mr Rajoy de la franco

All as the EU and US/British assist the devils in Madrid

A Democratic Election violently suppressed and with huge number of ballots stolen by police thugs (you know what that got us from Florida).

And still the Vote for Self Determination Won the Day

Can’t have a Free Election.

Send in the Thugs and Criminals.

Dress them as Police so the feeble minded will see it as Patriotic


Spain, if I recall correctly, has been subjected to the IMF cabal with the “austerity” sleights of hand to assure centralization and privatization of anything and everything the Spanish peoples have built into viable societal and economic components. Added to this are the central bank (whichever) involvements in transnational FRAUD in the financial sectors in order to strong-arm manipulations, all the while paying millions to PR firms to be advised on how best to manipulate the words and imagery to hide, slide and elide the connections behind the fraud being called “globalization”. ’ Who benefits ’ IS NOT a rhetorical question.

Democractic Republics? This is the rubric under which the slime of advertising is being slathered over the losses of lives, of entire societies, cultures and biomes. It is genocide. ecocide and ethnocide by financially driven political ‘theories’ crammed into ‘systems’. Truly comic were it not so tragic.

I find myself wondering about the sheer scale of waste necessary for this supposed ’ system ’ in order to acquire what it requires. and say once again: If these cabals are being referred to as “elites”, the nomenclature is absolutely wrong. They are “EFFETE


Catalonia is a rich and industrious province, and the natives would like to retain its wealth rather than share it with the rest of Spain.

Breaking the world up into even more nations is a favored trick of the capitalists. Small independent nations can be much more easily manipulated than a large nation or federation of nations.

One organization promoting a federation is The World Federalist Movement, in existence since 1947.

It would have the world ruled by the UN, with each nation having a degree of independence, similar to that of today’s national provinces.

Socialism generally favors this joining of all nations.

Needless to say, this would practically guarantee world peace, so the US is not interested in promoting it, since their market for arms sales would disappear and the economy would face serious difficulties.

Catalonian independence would be a capitalist’s delight, an embracing of regional greed and a step away from world peace.




Peter Gelderloos, a resident of Catalonia, wrote an interesting piece - from an anarchist perspective, with historical context:

Catalan Independence and the Crisis of Democracy

Lengthy, but worth the read. Catalonia is quite a tangle. The default leftist impulse is to hold that anyone who wants to break away from anything should be able to, but Gelderloos brings up compelling contradictions.


Then why would capitalist US not be siding with Catalans for independence??


According to your logic, we have Rajoy working against Capitalism then…and towards what???
But the issue with Catalonia has transformed beyond the question of “should or should it not be independent.” Catalonia has become a test bed for the seriousness of democratic principles by the European hypocrisy that governs EU, and for understanding Spanish fascist and archaic techniques. That is the issue we better discuss. The people of Catalonia have demonstrated an astounding degree of peaceful and democratic citizenship and commitment to European values (as professed by the EU) - that should be an example to all. As per Rajoy’s and King’s Spain???


This demonstration of citizen involvement is exactly what needs to happen right here, right now, in the United States of America.

Until Americans find the courage to demand actions from this government by massive displays of protest, nothing will change.



Good luck F–K FACE Prime Minister, you will find your place in other A–Holes, strung out to dry. Catalonia is Catalonia!


Unfortunately, 2002-2003 Americans did protest by the millions, “Iraqi slaughter, or Iraqi invasion.” Americans need to do more then just holding up signs, and calling a congressperson who can care less…after all it is 2017…


You’re right.

Americans do need to do more. Their country is being stolen from them more each day.

We must demand resignations.


this one’s a doozy. gelderloos has introduced some outstanding problematics on this issue in great detail.

thanks for posting, brother. I missed it on CP yesterday.


Now is the time to secure borders and the local constabulary must protect the citizenry

You must protect the population from violent suppression

And yes this means you must arrest Madrid’s hired guns

Catalonia you must protect your Citizenry


Precisely–and we begin a revolution first in the mind–so let’s all unplug our TV’s.


Quote: Rolson …

"All as the EU and US/British assist the devils in Madrid

A Democratic Election violently suppressed and with huge number of ballots stolen by police thugs (you know what that got us from Florida).

And still the Vote for Self Determination Won the Day

Can’t have a Free Election.

Send in the Thugs and Criminals.

Dress them as Police so the feeble minded will see it as Patriotic."

Thank you!


Elites/Capitalists are set up to win no matter which way citizens/nations try to go.
And, throughout history thus far they have succeeded in overcoming challenges to their rule.
That’s why our NSA is doing most of its spying on American citizens.
Part of it is the attempt to label our journalists and peace groups as “terrorists.”
Another part is the now 60 year effort to control elections and keep the right wing in power.*
Much of it is economic manipulation and the creation of debt to enslave nations/citizens.
There are so many tools in use now and strings on nations/citizens that few options remain.
The threat of “peace” is forever a threat to Elites/Capitalism and triggers only more deception
and violence by them.
At this point, more than 70 cents of every tax dollar is going to our MIC/Intelligence complex and
it is anyone’s guess how much more of the remaining 30 cents is going to secret operations and
illegal activities by our government.

*See: Operation Gladio
As partnered with Mockingbird, Paperclip, and MKULTRA/Mind Control


Hi Pony Boy –

Here in the US, I think we have to admit that the anti-war movement and anti-MIC movement
made itself clear during the Vietnam years, and those sentiments have not changed as 84% of
Americans are anti-war (and anti-the Afghanistan and Iraq wars even before they began) and
that anti-war fervor is even higher internationally.

I think we also have to agree that the response to those VN anti-war demonstrations was more
violence by our government as the threat of parents joining their children in these protests was
met by Kent State which caused parents to remove their children from the greater threat of
betrayal and violence by our own government.

Granted there was the overturning of the draft, but we then entered a new period where
mercenaries and corporations began to play freely within our military, always in interests of Elites.
This has resulted in even less control over our military by the public.

As French take to the streets currently the threat to their government isn’t working as well as their
labor/social wins are being overturned despite their demonstrations. Here in the US, of course,
demonstrators face Gestapo-like police enforcement behaving recklessly in service of Elites.

Anything in the interests of citizens – whether ending wars or national health care programs or
preserving social programs – is a threat to Elites.

The nation has to unite as labor and to take back control of energy by our communities.
Control of the “purse” is in the hands of corrupt, criminal actors who have already enslaved us to debt.

We must stop cooperating with Capitalism. And the time to act before Elites have total control
of our government and MIC/Intelligence is dwindling.


We must do more than “demand”, too.

Because what was your parents’ response when you demanded that they let you stay out with your friends until two in the morning on a school night…?


Thanks for providing links to the additional and valuable perspectives. As per usual, this is a very complex situation.