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Spare Us From the Vichy Republicans

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/02/spare-us-vichy-republicans


These Republicans are lap dogs for the Liar-in -Chief.

Their oath to the Constitution is null and void.

They too must be removed.


Lofgren’s analogy is incorrect. The GOP is more akin to an organized crime syndicate, or Hitler’s Nazi Party sans goosestepping in jack boots (although Trump’s GOP successor will usher in those as well).

Corporate Democrats including the Clintons and Obamas are a party that enables the GOP the way the Vichy Party enabled the Nazis.

And, no Mike, the “Republicans have NOT been getting crazier and crazier”, they continue to craft a well oiled machine to embed fascism in the US and abroad. Progressives know, and the GOP knows that Trump is no anomoly, just the GOP’s current distractor in chief serving their every need. Crazy ? No. Evil ? Yes indeed.


Lofgren sez:
“Louie Gohmert, once a comical outlier, but now the heart and soul of his party …”

I may be dating myself, but anyone else remember when St. Ronnie the Raygun was a “comic outlier”?
Good times.


The Republicans are a totally lost cause. I’m more concerned about the Vichy Democrats who are partners in the cabal theater


The term ‘Vichy Republicans’ is apt as Czar Putin is the prime, but not only, Sugar Daddy.

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“…crime, betrayal, and certifiable lunacy.”

Yep. That’s the r-party. Also a remarkable winning streak against the d-party.

In today’s 4-year cycles, the winner grabs the swing voters, although I’m not sure the Rs care about that anymore. Red meat for the base and tax cuts for their masters nets them lots of dependable seats in flyover country.

On the other hand the Ds excite pretty much no one. They promise one thing in the primaries (hoodwinking no one), then dial to the right for the general, becoming R-lite (surprising no one). In between they stand for everything and nothing (pleasing no one).

To me it seems like they’ve carved out their turf and in a team effort, handed off Reaganomics, RomneyCare, and endless war to posterity. I don’t vote for the duopoly anymore. It’s a farce.


" Republicans have now become seriously deranged, and even more cult-like. Louie Gohmert, once a comical outlier, but now the heart and soul of his party, is invoking civil war as a remedy to the potential impeachment of his beloved Führer. And for sheer cringe-inducing weirdness, nothing matches the GOP’s fixation with abortion once they achieve power, which has now reached [an almost unbelievable stage of sick obsession in Missouri. Today’s GOP has become a creepy mashup of grade B totalitarianism and perverted Freudian manias disguised as family values"

And then there are the true Vichy enablers of the deranged R’Con scum sociopaths, the DINO center-right DP entrenched corporate whores that are too weak, compromised, and cowardly to achieve much of anything noteworthy - unless that be their craven acceptance and actual complicity to the R’Con-trump menace, and that makes them worthless to the core!

Bernie is the antidote for the odious anti-Christ and his sycophant RepubliCons who parade around like yapping lap-dogs, too afraid, vapid, and corrupt to do other than further destroy our republic!


EXACTLY!!   But don’t forget to add O’Bummer’s partner-in-crime P’Loser to your list.

“Vichy DamnocRats” — what a perfect description!   If it weren’t for the V.D.s running the DNC, and their stooges HRC & DWS, we wouldn’t have Nazis like Trump, Pompeo, Giuliani & Barr running “our” country today.


Should Lofgren not specify whether he means the Vichy Republicans who are nominally Republicans or those who are nominally Democrats, and therefore “Vichy” in that they are traitors to their voting base and to the ideals that patrons of traditional news outlets mysteriously ascribe to them?

I imagine there is some irony somewhere in the apparent fact that it becomes more difficult to use the old caricatures of Hitler as being uniquely fascist and uniquely racist and uniquely classist as classicist and racist systems come to more obviously resemble his–and, more closely, to resemble banana republic nominally “democratic” mafia and CIA-run kleptocracies.

Time there was when cashing in on the authentic horror of Hitler’s regime and also the amplified horror of its pretended uniqueness could mostly be counted on to render an impression of the absolute worst of the politics in any region.

I suppose that we might actually live in a less naive world than the one that lent itself to that. An examination of the horrors of Hitler’s Germany now brings interesting comparisons:

  • Hitler abrogated the democratic process of the Weimar Republic and instituted a dictatorship. For all the noise otherwise, the greatest documented approach to this in 2016 was the Democratic primary.
  • Hitler killed many Jews. The US in recent years has contributed to the killings of Libyans, Syrians, Afghanis, Pakistanis, Palestinians, Somalis, Yemenis, Kurds, and so forth, though the list is far from complete. Is there any special reason to believe that there is no racism in this?
  • Hitler killed his own citizens without trial. Of course, each of our presidents in this millennium has claimed the supposed right to do this by fiat
  • Hitler lied and spread extensive and intensive propaganda. Of course, he was in large part imitating Woodrow Wilson and Wall Street in doing so, but he had not the sophistication to manipulate untruth so extensively as government-related entities to now
  • Hitler did not allow a free press. Of course, the US has made a practice of bombing foreign journalists’ offices, harrassing journalists in airports, pressuring other governments to persecute Julian Assange at length, jailing and harrassing authentic whistleblowers, pretending that their agents are somehow whistleblowers, and now arresting Max Blumenthal for reporting on their misdeeds and malfeasance in Venezuela
  • Hitler’s minions committed gross medical experiments in the name of science on uninformed and captive victims. Of course, so does the CIA

Then, of course, there’s the whole torture thing, which at least the Americans did and do–and secret prisons, and so on.

It’s really too much to list. Most readers here could probably add one or another event to this, if not a half dozen. No, a big and bland “Ooh, they’re fascists” or “Ooh, they’re Nazis” does not count for what it did any more because there are just way too many ways that this smear can be applied and even regularly is applied to both major parties and to various of their elected and unelected officials.

No, we are really far too close to the Third Reich in actions and in character to get away with calling people of one or another persuasion fascists or Nazis–the American Nazi Party aside, I suppose. Voters for the two major parties are sitting down to choose which aspects of latter day fascism they prefer.


Both parties are run by and for crooks. US politics cannot be separated from global gangsterism. That said, the present GOP is hard core fascist. In its active undermining of voting rights, civil rights and public safety and its support for efforts to foment division and civil war, it should be declared an illegal organization. The Democrats can then split into “centrist” (resembling old-style Republicans) and progressives echoing the old New Deal democrats. Add to this a national coalition of socialists acting as a party.


He is spot on that this will continue to be Republicanism long after the orange one is just a nasty memory… and that really what we ought to be trying to do something about. I think Trump gets a second term and that Rethugs will keep the Senate but if this doesn’t happen and they lose both the Senate and the presidency my secondary goal ( first is MFA) will be to see everyone who has been a part of this grifter’s cabal be put on trial, convicted and jailed for a very very long time… Maybe the promise of a long prison sentence will deter a few … and hopefully Bernie will try to hold the Dems crimes up to the light of day as well though clearly he will not be able to try and jail them. The machine is just too strong now. But soon… soon…


swing voters.
Ohio Lifelong democrats voted for Jim Jordan in 2018. Zany
But they had voted for Trump’s promises in 2016 because their economic suffering from loss of factories (nafta and china) and his empty words regarding abortion.

The democrats absolutely need to gather in the young people right now to be active citizens. Voting, caring, donating. The 2008 obama coalition is long gone.

Flyover land is in play again. Boston/nyc/dc axis of evil may get ripped, tripped by a ballot box revolution. Pulled off by our youngers.

I am saddened by comments here. I implore people who write and read Common Dreams to use your brains more proficiently. You have no right to cast all Democratic leaders as crooks, because that is a lie. Some may not be perfect or what we would choose in a perfect world, but these elected officials and candidates are all we have to stop Trump. We must pull together and stop spreading lies, exaggerations and accusations that will turn off voters, especially young, unless you want Trump to get another 4 years.

PonyBoy, can you provide proof of your claim the Clintons and Obamas are “corporate Democrats”? What specifically have they done to sell out the country for corporations? And to accuse Michelle Obama as being a corporate Democrat is laughable. I would like to see the sources on that, please.

The “young people,” i.e., millennials, are totally self-absorbed with overriding feelings of entitlement. They must be educated by mature knowledgeable people – that would be YOU – who can teach them critical thinking skills.

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Jaded, would you please site instances of the Democratic party being run by crooks and your sources for this information? You sound like you really don’t know much about about the Democratic Party. Unless you have credible proof Centrist Dems are like old-style Republicans (whatever that is), you should retract your statement and stop feeding lies to the potential electorate. To cap off your display of lack of knowledge, you think “progressives” are not the “national coalition of socialists.”

You can start with the Clintons. Republicans are the party of Fossil Fuels, Democrats have become the party of Wall St. They are warmongers and inseparable from the global cabal of corporate gangsters. There are less than a dozen decent politicians with any integrity among the Democrats – still better than the nazified repugs . Corporate Dems like Pelosi, Cuomo and others shill for and defend corporate rule – gangsterism.

Progressives are not liberals and yes, many of us are socialists. Liberals say nice things between hemming and hawing and pushing a “middle way.” What progressives know from over a century of experience is that liberals can ALWAYS be counted to stab you and to move right. That is understood as a sure sign of progress and principle. Try educating yourself before arrogantly accusing others of ignorance.

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For starters:

More of FDR’s New Deal was decriminalized in the name of “deregulation” under POTUS Clinton than during any other POTUS regime.

Hillary Clinton’s Senate voting record serially pandered to the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) and other Wall Street interests, at the expense of the 99%.

Barack Obama’s ACA was always a corporate welfare program modeled on the Heritage Foundation plan that Newt (contract on America) Gingrich introduced in the 90s. Not to mention the ACA cost Obama control of Congress and the ability to confirm Scalia’s successor on the SCOTUS.

Michele Obama parading marines through the Academy Awards gave MIMIC a golden PR boost.

In summary. the most recent sixteen years of Democratic POTUS regimes resulted in unprecedented economic gains for the 1%, no economic gains for the 99%. Yes, there were a few social gains for the 99% , like same sex marriage, but only when they didn’t cost Wall Street anything (same sex marriage actually created a new, lucrative profit center for Wall Street).

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”Clintons and Obamas are “corporate Democrats”? What specifically have they done to sell out the country for corporations?”

You need look no further than the number of prosecutions in the financial meltdown

Zero from a Zero
Obama was Clarence Redux
And I campaigned for him when I was flat ass broke

I once asked asked a member of the 2008 Financial Crisis Committee what he thought about the British Exchequer colluding with the Bank of England to fix the overnight LIBOR rate

You know that lending rate that EVERYTHING is tied too.

His reply, which scared the living shit out of EVERYONE in the room,

It takes the Biggest Criminals to Commit the Biggest Crimes

For the Clintons, my feeble brain sticks on ol Bill’s repeal of the Glass/Stegall Protections, to the delight of the hedge funds and the death of the middle class, or ol Hillary’s support of Fracking, that Fresh Water Extermination Program

Get your head out or your arse and deal with facts not allegiance

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Pony Boy, use your democratic right to remove people from office who would curtail you freedom through: (1) Surveillance, and (2) “Hate” laws, “thought” crimes, “political correctness”, and (3) who as heterosexual leave you out of the “sexual alphabet”.
If these freedom curtailers are not checked, it will all be taken from you. Trump, an outsider, “was not supposed to happen”. Remember?
Democracy won this time, but it might not again…Go figure…