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Sparking Far-Reaching Rights Concerns, ICE Now Has Powerful Ability to Track License Plates Nationwide


Sparking Far-Reaching Rights Concerns, ICE Now Has Powerful Ability to Track License Plates Nationwide

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) now has access to a nationwide license plate recognition database—a trove of billions of records that's growing by the day.


Enough said!


The redneck neo nazi ICE goons are the ones that should be deported…and the for-profit imprisonment industry of Latino people and families - deportees - be banned forever as the obscenity it is!!

If you have never seen “The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada” (2005) " I highly recommend this excellent but disturbing film.


This is not new, they have been using that technology for about 25 years in my state. This is just the institutionalization and organization of it’s use. We use to get notices in the mail with a request for information, they said it was for highway safety.

Immigrants are just a pawn in this.


Conversations, I mean comedians on the toxic presence of Trump immigration guy - Stephen Miller. Be prepared - this is not balanced - it is dragging up a longstanding attitude being USED by Trump. Dang, its the model of 'he looks so bad trmp begins to look -… well… not as bad for the moment.

and not to miss Profiles in Tremendousness


That movie keeps popping up in all sorts of discussions.
As to the further cross-pollination of the Police & Security State with ICE’s extra-legal overreach: sorry, but Ray Charles could of seen this coming.
The Goon State has arrived. And, every week becomes shit on your neighbor week. It’s inevitable when technology makes it " affordable " to do so. Like getting gassed at your dentist’s office. Just close your eyes, you won’t feel…
How soon before they start posting $1000 rewards for turning suspicious people ( otherness ) or suspicious activities into the proper authorities?


What the Hell is this costing the American Taxpayers?

And who authorized this?

We need names.


I know, I know but aren’t there laws against a national police, I know but I had to throw it out there. Like we are a nation of laws, right? and isn’t there suppose to be congressional over-sight, not over-look? and and oh never mind.


After they deport the undocumented immigrants who do they go after next? That is the question we should keep in mind. We should be concerned not only for these immigrants but ourselves. The president is no longer Barack Obama but a guy name Donald Trump. What is the plan to make America great again, or in plainer terms, make America white again? With a president backed by a white supremacist antisemitic movement this story should raise concerns about what could be ahead. A federal police force having license data on everyone. If these self-driving cars and trucks ever materialize then they will know where everyone is when driving. Democrats need to make surveillance a bigger issue. It is really important but is is getting lost among a whole bunch of other important issues.


I have no idea why anyone would want to visit (or live in) the United States nowadays…


BDS the USA.


Gestapo/ICE. With the immigration issues the federal government is attempting to usurp local and state law enforcement to enforce its will because they have not the numbers to do so.


Those notions are just so September 10th. I mean, there was trouble stirring anyway, but…


Already in place. License plate tracking, facial recognition and such will just augment the already currently unassailable power held by the Corporate State. Very soon coming down the pike (soon as within the decade) is a cashless monetary system, including criminal prosecution for bartering or alternative currencies outside of digital tracking.


I believe Sweden is making the transition to a cashless monetary system. That seems like something to watch. One more thing we absolutely don’t need.


The only ones who do are the rich (lower taxes), gun owners (only country that allows it to the degree it is here in the US) and the religious fundamentalists. Note that the only “undocumented” are people from the underdeveloped world. No one in the developed world would want to give up what they have to come be an American.


I want to take a car trip out west and possibly move there if I can find a reasonable lower priced place to live on a low fixed income budget. Hard to see that existing now in this extremely high priced USA. Some place like Nevada with some space between neighbors. My greatest concern is police state civil forfeiture robbing me of my savings on the highway. 2,000 miles to drive is scary.


I think it is VISA offering incentives to businesses to only accept electronic payments.


Definitely do not carry it all in cash, ironic as that is to points being made about the dangers of a cashless society. Point being, a large amount of cash on anyone has for a long time been deemed suspect, and suspect to confiscation, often never to be seen again, or at least delayed return.

By the way, if you can plan your route north of 100 miles from the border, you can at least avoid the fucking Border Patrol that have amassed unconstitutional powers of forfeiture, search, seizure and arrest.

My dozens of encounters with Border Patrol have taught me to fear any such encounters. Won’t go into any stories, but I have a few very frightening ones.


It’s Sweden. Here is one link about Sweden going cashless. However, it hasn’t gone completely cashless yet according to this article.