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Sparking Fires and Causing Injuries, Another Even Bigger Earthquake Rattles Southern California

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/06/sparking-fires-and-causing-injuries-another-even-bigger-earthquake-rattles-southern

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Having ridden out hurricanes and tornadoes I can attest to the traumatic effects even when no damage occurs. When damage does occur there is an initial sense of paralysis over what to tackle first. Preparation (mental and physical) is key to minimizing loss–especially of life. By knowing our risks and carefully listening to the authorities we keep our priorities in order. Stuff is stuff. Life is one and done. I hope to not add earthquakes to my personal repertoire, but if I do I hope I heed my own advice. Good luck Southern Californians; stay strong.

On the lighter side, with paper towels all distributed to Puerto Rico, does anyone have an idea of what, if any, props the orange carnival barker will bring to this very blue state? I think I shall go for the low hanging fruit and say there will be nothing. I am sure that the evangelicals will have their theories regarding causality due to god’s wrath over _____________.


“There was a 6.4 earthquake in southern California near Death Valley on Thursday morning, the largest SoCal quake in years. Because of funding cuts to USGS (don’t want people checking out those fracking-quakes), the agency’s website is snarled, so much of the early seismic information came coming from European websites. Meanwhile, Trump wants to privatize the National Weather Service (see Michael Lewis’s book, The Fifth Risk)”

-Jeffrey St. Clair


Maybe we should privatize public presidential whipping posts.We could have one every 50’ in case the prez needs to be rewarded for his behavior.


Good points WiseOwl. There is another emotion that follows large natural disasters, especially disasters with high #'s of deaths. It’s called “survivors guilt”. Through no fault of there own, peoples lives and property are not effected evenly, sometimes with logic defying results. An example is how one house is completely destroyed, while the house next door is relatively unscathed. People then to ask themselves why me, why did I survive, but my neighbor next door did not? Why is my house standing, but my neighbors is not? This becomes a major source of depression among survivors, after a large event.
So those of you in CA. affected by this disaster, keep you’re chin up (believe me, I know it’s hard), monitor you family and friends for this depression, and realize the rest of the country is pulling for you’re complete recovery. And if you need help, say something, we will be there to help you.


does anyone have an idea of what, if any, props the orange carnival barker will bring to this very blue state

eh, Nothing. He will probably ignore any disaster in a Blue State.

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I vote for guillotines.

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Let’s see, it’s 80 degrees above the arctic circle. Dormant volcanos are coming to life. Emaciated whales are washing up on west coast shores. Earthquakes in mid America and now in California again. A city in Mexico is buried under five feet of hail. When it rains it floods. All along the equator the temps are over 100 and drought is causing mass migrations.
If I didn’t know any better I’d have to say that all those scientists may have been right. Or that we’re in a disaster film. Maybe both are correct. Either way, things don’t look so good these days, do they?


This second quake at 7.1 on the Richter Scale is about 10 times more powerful than the one that registered 6.4. And that one was considered powerful. The possibility of more quakes, especially at 7 or more, is horrendous for the people who live there. Waiting for the other shoe to drop.

It will be interesting to see what Trump does or doesn’t do. Whatever happens nothing will change. Trumps followers will still support him, Pelosi, and the Dems in general, won’t do anything to rid us of this pestilence in the White House. Get used to living in a disaster zone of various kinds. It looks like it’s all downhill from here because no one is going to do anything to stop this ongoing disaster.

In addition, if you are retired or are an annuitant your cost of living is going up, and your income is shrinking. We don’t drive as much, but other than opting for cat food there aren’t very many ways to keep our heads above water.
But boy would I ever love to give another trillion or two in tax cuts for the rich and well-to-do.

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How about oil boiling

vegetable oil heated by a solar lens per chance?

If he doesn’t help, then California should immediately secede from the union, under the mantra “taxation without representation”. California is the worlds fifth largest economy, it pays tons of federal taxes.

I’m thinking thick stinking black crude oil heated to boiling by burning coal. We can pipe the smoke into a room containing his family, campaign contributors, appointees, and staff members, as well as the entire republican congress and senate, and anyone who objects, and leave them in there for a few weeks.

When I was a kid growing up on the beach in San Diego in the late 50s/1960s we always had a ‘Quake Bag’ packed for each of us. Food, water, flashlight, matches, med kit, water purifying tabs that made water awful tasting but safe to drink, clothes, shoes, gloves, sleeping bag, etc etc, pretty much a full few-days camping backpack, and we had a place picked out that we’d all meet which was off the beach at higher elevation (the spot was in Pacific Beach a couple miles away and a couple hundred feet higher). When the huge Alaska quake hit we were evacuated off Mission Beach due to an expected tsunami to come wash it away. Since MB is just a man-made sandbar it was probably a good idea.

I kept a quake bag packed as an adult for the next 30 years I lived on those beaches, one for both in the house and whatever vehicle I was driving. Since I’ve lived in mountains the second thirty years I have switched it somewhat and keep a ‘Fire Bag’ packed. Pretty similar but now with a one-man Kelty tent and other better equipment along with N-95 particulate masks and a pair of swim goggles to keep the ash of of my eyes…

I wonder just how many of the people down there have even this modest preparation to a expected coming disaster certainty (and the overdue major seismic event IS going to come one of these days!) sitting in a hall closet or the trunk of their vehicle? Probably not many. One gallon of water a day per person…in a desert with all of the water pipelines broken? Hmmmm…

I was in a major quake in Mexico on a surf trip in the early 70s, and the ground was rolling like waves in the ocean. Seasick! Try to stand and the ground left you hanging in the air. And that went for being on your hands & knees trying to grip the ground! Just about the time gravity started you falling towards the ground that had dropped away it would come back up and slam you hard.

One of the VW buses parked near the cliff edge overlooking the surf break did a couple of bounces in the air and then rolled right off the edge as some of the cliff crumbled. Wonder if it’s still at the bottom of the cliff?

A 3.0 you can barely feel. A 4.0 is ten times as strong. A 5.0 is a hundred times bigger than a 3. A 6.0 is a thousand, a 7.0 is ten thousand. Orders of magnitude.

Imagine being in an 8.0? Or a 9 like what hit Anchorage back then! Look up the movies on that monster and then try to imagine the giant 70 story skyscrapers the freaking greedy idiot developers got to build in all the California cities. Are they stupid? Don’t answer that!



Gotta add some feathers Adam.

The first time in American history that an un-elected president is tarred and feathered, we can start a tradition, any time there is an election anomaly of any kind, the winning candidate is tarred and feathered and boiled in crude oil. It can be done in every city every election year one week after each election, we’ll call it representing day.

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I’d rather call it, "Act Like A President Or We’re Going To Fuck You Up Day."

That might scare away the criminals before they apply for the job.

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Scientists warned us 3 decades ago about this very scenario, and we called it a HOAX… so did our current President.

If California secedes from the Union, PLEASE take Oregon with you.

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