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Sparking More Calls for His Ouster, 'Utterly Useless' Chuck Schumer Cuts Deal With McConnell to Fast-Track 7 Trump Judges

Sparking More Calls for His Ouster, 'Utterly Useless' Chuck Schumer Cuts Deal With McConnell to Fast-Track 7 Trump Judges

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In addition to openly refusing to pressure his caucus to unite against President Donald Trump's Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) is also helping his Republican counterpart ram through Trump's far-right lower


The friend of your enemy is your enemy. Schumer is leader because, like kings of old, he passes among the democrats throwing out gold coins provided by Goldman Sachs. Sack this money grubbing, go along to get along A-hole and bring principled leadership to democrats in the Senate, #sackschumer.


This may well be the most enduring AND destructive thing that will be the Trump legacy. What Schumer probably got in return is the ONE thing these “judges” will not go after is Wall st.


Our local dyed in the wool Democrats have always known that I am a progressive independent who has never voted GOP and vote for fewer Democrats with each passing election. For the past quarter century, while they have acknowledged that there isn’t much difference between most Democrats and the GOP at the national level, always qualify their statements by telling me that “at least Democrats appoint better judges”.

Now that the Democrats are unequivocally complicit with the GOP stacking all levels of federal courts with right wingers appointed for life, why should I vote for Democrats ?


Schumer is not “utterly useless” — he is profoundly useful to the causes he serves. Those causes are just not our causes.


On the contrary, Chuck is perfectly fit to lead the fake opposition party!


Israeli citizen Schumer was probably promised something for Israel.


Just an observation on the accompanying photo above: I hadn’t realized McConman literally carries his jug of snake oil around with him at all all times.


Quis·ling - ˈkwizliNG/ noun

“a traitor who collaborates with an enemy force occupying their country”

synonyms: collaborator, colluder, sympathizer;traitor, turncoat, backstabber, double-crosser, defector, Judas, snake in the grass, fifth columnist.

The actions, and lack of actions, by “minority leader” Chucky Schumer, (sellouts r us) is all that “Quisling” represents, and more, (especially given his dual-citizenship first-loyalty to Israeli and American Israel-firster’s). Together with House “leader” Nancy Pelosi, and other DINO corporate/banker/Wall St/for-profit health care whores, Andy Cuomo, and the others, it will be a real fight to unseat and expel the DINO Party establishment, that never does anything really in the public interest - some sellout to big money is always front & center!

You can bet that many of those judges Schumer helps McConnell ram thru, are israel-firsters!


How repulsive he is. what was his price? The Democratic Establishment needs to be put out of its misery.


Purple vomitus. The worst thing about this is that these same Democrats have been doing this for well over twenty years.

Will we be having these revelations that the Democrats are only slightly less evil than the “right flank” twenty years from now???


This is French revolution-style stuff. Schumer should be, at least, exiled.


This type of performance is an outgrowth of the party’s mantra of “no litmus test to join - vote the way you want as long as you have a D behind your name (and bring donors to the party).” Pelosi and Schumer, in fact, as elected leaders, are expected to adhere to this policy. In that sense, they are doing their job. Even some of the so-called progressives in the party, though, such as Warren, go out of their way to emphasize this party principle.

In the end, of course, you get more of a fund-raising political organization than an actual party with an identity. Simply put, there is no way to build an opposition party or institute any reform when there is such a complete lack of standards for membership. The Republican party, as a whole, does a much better job of policing its ranks.


Schumer sure doesn’t look “Utterly Useless” to me …

“**Sen. Schumer, why are you cutting a deal with Mitch McConnell to fast-track Trump judges? Why won’t you whip the vote to stop Kavanaugh? We’re fighting to protect our courts and save our democracy. We expect you to do the same.” **

unless you have a really upside down view of things?

Schumer isn’t working for the base of the Dem Party, its liberal voters –
he’s working for the Koch Party; the right wing corporate Dem/Koch Party and Elites.


With “representatives” like Schumer who needs repubs to ruin people’s lives. Schumer is one of the corporate tools in Congress along with most everyone else in the Dem “leadership.”




Been wondering what they are.

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Its Schumers bribe he sells out cheaply, look at his face “My Precious”


Where o where is LRX?!?


Vote Green. And if there is no green or virtual green to vote for; write in None of the Above.