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Sparking Swift Backlash, Trump Doubles Down on Proposal to Arm 'Highly Trained Teachers'


Sparking Swift Backlash, Trump Doubles Down on Proposal to Arm 'Highly Trained Teachers'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Sparking swift backlash Thursday morning, President Donald Trump attacked the news media for reporting on his comments Wednesday about the possiblity of instituting "concealed carry for teachers" in an effort to deter school shootings, then doubled down on the proposal, tweeting that firearms should be given to "highly trained" and "only the best" teachers, which he claimed "would solve the problem instantly, before police arrive."


Time for teachers all over the country to walk out too. What the occupant of the White House called for yesterday re: training teachers to basically be swat teams is another example of Trump’s mental instability.


I can see where this is all headed.

Welcome to hell.


It is remarkable at how unhinged society has become, slipping farther into the make believe world of communication experts. Real problems are dispelled away into a bland talk point and then a ridiculous solution provided. That solution being so bizarre that society as a whole believes its. Hmmmmm, the bigger the lie, the more people will believe it. Now who said that??? I need a drink.


Like the man once said, “Sounds Great, Won’t Work.”


Arming teachers or putting ex-military or cops into schools is a ruse to further empower the NRA and gun manufacturers and dealers! An armed teacher in a school is likely to be shot and killed by first-responders being seen with a weapon and mistaken for a killer. As almost all proposals by trump this is a typical diversion to stifle real change.; an attempt to continue business as usual in the new gun industry!

“We Call BS!”


So, I’m a retired teacher, yet I still work as a sub in my local small town high school. I know the lock down drill and have practiced it several times. It calls for me to switch off the lights, lock the doors and have the students group in a corner as far out of any line of fire as possible. There is also a color coded room number to be displayed which will allow First Responders to know my classroom’s status.

Let’s suppose that Trump has thought this through as much as our local district…oh wait, he hasn’t. Trump would have me, an armed teacher, grab my gun, leave my students unsupervised and unprotected, and chase down an armed intruder. Do I have that right?

What then becomes of the scared students back in the classroom? What stops them from panicking, or worse yet leaving the room/school all together to make a run for it.

Like the famous Trump meme says, “Sounds Great, Won’t Work.”

Next time can we get a president with some powers of thought and reasoning? Please?


I have come to the conclusion that there is no point even listening to what Trump says, because he will change it the next day. Just ignore him, honestly. I’ll still look at what policies are enacted, but at this point I couldn’t care less what comes out of his flip-flopping mouth.


Even more dangerous than being killed by cops (as dangerous as that is) are suicide, accidental shootings and even killing colleagues and/or kids. The whole notion that guns can somehow lessen violence is beyond words.


Didn’t Archie Bunker come up with this idea years ago to stop airplane hi jacking? Just arm all of the passengers as they get on then they can overpower any hijacker. It was the plan of an idiot then and it is the plan of an idiot now. At least Archie was a fictional character on tv. Oh wait?


Photo caption: At Executive ‘listening session,’ Prez ‘takes aim’ at Marjory Stoneman Douglas student critics.


Trump? OK, I thought that he was just a little cuckoo, we will be OK. Now I’m with Tom Steyer, he is batshit crazy.
The SWAT team almost killed one of the innocent kids and they are fortunately trained to fire only when sure. Turning schools into war zones?


So, since this idea won’t fly, I suppose the next best Donald Duck like-answer would be to put concealed/ non-concealed police into the public high-schools. This would add another layer of surveillance (on top of cameras & principals, Dept of Homeland Security, etc) on the ground. Given that US is a particularly militaristic/ violent/ dysfunctional society… perhaps this is the best solution… easily agreed to by both Rep and Dem (after all their kids already go to private schools with armed security) lawmakers.


Good gawd…wacko, wacko BizarrrrreoooLand…Good gawd.


Photo caption:

Trump to Marjory Stoneman Douglas survivor at Executive ‘listening session’: “So if I were an ARMED teacher and you were the gunman in the door, you’d be quivering in fear right now - Riiiight?”


This is all a big funny joke to Trump basically because his sociopathology prevents him from really having any feelings for the victims. Of course he is worse than most politicians but so many of them love to take opportunities like these to push their agendas or stir up the pot. Of course, we no longer really mourn these people who are killed - we are too busy taking advantage of the opportunity to play political games. All it would take is some true sorrow and common sense and we as a nation would come up with solutions to prevent these horrible murders.


Me too! What is next, arming teachers with AR-15’s using taxpayers funds? You know that would make the NRA happy!


It will always be the same with those who profit from Gun Death and those in Government who represent those who profit from Gun Death.

The answer to what will protect people from mass shootings, is always the same with these humans who profit from this: “More Guns.”

GOP = Guns Over People


Combat knives. Can we carry Marine Special Force combat knives too if we get lessons in knife throwing and close quarter combat for after we shoot the gun out of the evil intruder’s hands?

Plus it will make men out of wussy girly-boy teachers. I come from a teaching family, and strapping a combat knife to the ankle before work made a man out of me and it made a man out of my wife.


As do we all…with this pathological liar and moron in charge…“I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy”