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Sparking Swift Backlash, Trump Doubles Down on Proposal to Arm 'Highly Trained Teachers'


When I was growing up, we had a rifle range at school. We had a rifle team (and note, this was a public school, not a military academy). My wife, who was a teacher for almost 20 years, has a concealed carry permit. The issue is not guns per se or even “guns in schools”. It is that we have allowed mental health in this country to deteriorate to the point where people who pose an inherent danger to themselves and to others are neither identified nor cared for.

To the point @skeezyks raises, even if you’re armed, you hunker down with your students and protect them - on a typical school campus you have no idea where the shooter would be, so you protect your small part of it.


I learned this morning that the mayor of my little township in NW NJ has proposed that the (mostly ex-cop) “door monitors” already guarding our schools be armed. He hasn’t said with what, but since I live just off the street with 4 of our 5 sub-secondary schools, and pass through one long school zone almost every time I leave the house, I’m terrified at the thought of itchy trigger fingers sitting at those doors, watching for someone to be afraid of. I’ve posted my property “NO HUNTING.” Do I need to erect a bulletproof wall along the roadside?


You the teacher now have a gun in your hands, even though you have prepared for this, you are scared to death.
As you walk around, the swat team has entered the building and see you with a gun, when they call out to you, you panic thinking it is the gunman, the swat team shoots you.


If we have to debate this seriously, it’s all over.


The Trumpenstein Monster speaketh. If someone wants to impeach Trump, I’ll furnish the rotten peaches. I sincerely hope America understands what needs to be done to get Trump out of office and avoid future idiots being elected to office.

The 2016 presidential election had the lowest voter turnout in 70 years. That is a record breaking moment of voter apathy toward voting. Too many of us stayed home and didn’t vote. So what we got is the worst president in our entire history. If we are going to change things, we are going to have to show up at the ballot boxes in huge numbers and vote in 2018 and 2020. Republican control of congress must stop and Trump needs to be voted out of the White House.

BOTH parties need to upgrade to really serve the public. All the Democrats could offer in 2016 was Hillary Clinton, a consummate Washington DC insider. Versus Trump, a racist and sexist and therefore, someone totally unqualified to be president. That is a large part of why there was such a low voter turn out in 2016.


There are higher rates of “mental illness” or “mental instability” among ex-military and cops, so I wouldn’t want them protecting my kids.


Notice how the Gun Advocates refuse to even say the words, “Assault Weapons.”

A total ban on the production, sale, and use of all “semi-automatic” weapons, including “Assault Weapons” which is strongly advocated for by the Majority of Americans and Law Enforcement, is the only answer to our nation’s Murder epidemic.


Let the secret service be taken away from trump, let him carry a hand gun when he goes out in public to defend himself if he thinks having a gun will make him safe.


Good play on words Emphyrio.

Thanks for that little bit of light humor during this time of horror and grief.


Lord. Only in America, the most fucked-up country on the planet.

Yeah - MORE guns in schools is the solution. MORE weapons among our children on a day-to-day basis. Children seeing their role models - teachers - packing heat. Guns become MORE awesome and desirable and accepted by the youth, from kindergarten onwards. Christ on a cracker.

And when one of those students flips out, or goes off his meds, or gets dumped by his girlfriend and snaps, or gets to school after a bad morning of getting abused by his drunken father/mother/uncle, or gets his 5th “F” in a row and loses it and grabs the nearest teacher’s gun from its holster…?? What then?

“Oh, it wasn’t the teacher’s having guns that was the reason, it was that one particular teacher’s fault, for not holstering his/her gun properly/not reading the student’s warning signs properly/insert BS excuse here.” Yada yada yada.

Or when some teacher somewhere flips out and pulls their gun and uses it to iron out a dispute with the Principal/staff member/other teacher/etc? Maybe accidentally hits a few students in the process?

“Wasn’t the gun policy, it was failure by the school board to properly vet their employees first/BS excuse.” Yada yada yada.

Or when the next school shooting starts by a “deranged student,” and several teachers pull out their guns and start a blazing gun battle in the school against the perp, and in the hail of bullets a few innocent students get hit by the teachers’ fire?

“Tragic, but a lot more students would have lost their lives if the teachers hadn’t been packing, and put the deranged shooter down before he could do any more damage.”

This shit writes itself. So predictable. The one thing you do not put on a fire if you want it to go out is more combustible materials. Duh.

Only in America.


“A total ban…which is strongly advocated for by…Law Enforcement…”

  1. Agree on goal of a ban.

  2. As to “law enforcement” support: an inner tension on the right - expect cops would be more right wing if not for how gun ‘freedom’ directly threatens them.

But I’m fine tactically allying w/police on this - and, in fact, this unpredicted political moment (who foresaw this ‘final straw’ moment?) may open up possibilities of working relationships between teachers/teachers unions and police/police unions: as a public school teacher, I can’t advocate political points of view; but police may be able to enter my class - as they do to address bullying - and present their views of guns and gun laws. Or, if not advocate a point of view on gun law, respond to teacher questions on it.


Exactly. Assault weapons - by their very name - belong on a military battlefield (which is where they originally came from). Period. Any weapon that has a high rate of fire, in order to hit as many enemies as possible in as short amount a time as possible, has zero purpose in any American citizen’s hands. Ask most police officers, their greatest fear is a perp with a fucking assault rifle.

Ask any right-wing gun nut if the Las Vegas shooter would have been able to kill and injure as many people as he did with only a single-shot rifle, and they will equivocate and lie and bluster and evade 20 ways from Sunday, rather than give you the correct, straight answer of “no.” Simple math tells you that a weapon that fires faster hits more targets in a shorter amount of time. Duh.

Banning semi-auto weapons would not stop mass shootings. Nothing will ever do that. But it WOULD severely decrease the number of deaths and injuries. And isn’t that fact alone worth it?? The gun addicts could still go out and shoot innocent animals and “defend themselves” against home intruders, just like they love to do. But they would have to settle for pumping 4 or 5 bullets into their victim instead of 40-50. Wah. Cry me a fucking river.


Isn’t every weapon—clubs, knives, crossbows, flamethrowers, whatever—by definition an “assault weapon?” What else is a weapon’s function, other than assault? The term seems to have been intended to blur the line between military small arms and their look-alikes on shelves at sporting-goods shops across the country.

As to “semi-automatic” weapons, the term means “not machine guns,” which have been illegal for civilians to own or operate in the US (with certain exceptions) since 1937. Semi-autos fire only once for each pull of the trigger, a feature that bump stocks and trigger cranks were invented to defeat.

Please don’t mistake my efforts to clarify these terms with sympathy for those whose motto might as well be “arm 'em all, and let god sort 'em out.” If we’re going to win the battle for public opinion, we’d be wise to speak clearly and precisely. Thanks for your consideration.


I just counted up, using statistics from the Department of Education. There have been 6 mass shootings in K-12 schools over the 19 school years since Columbine. With a minimum of 126,000 public and private schools in the US and guessing they all function for a minimum of 180 days per school year, as NJ schools do, that’s six events in 433 million school days. That’s like salting our roads because it snowed yesterday in Alaska. Yes, one death of a child is too many, but making their schools armed camps is not the way to prevent their deaths.


An insane, out-of-control President speaking to an insane, out-of-control audience. What could possibly go wrong?


Make that a double…or 2…or 3!


The NRA solution to all problems is always more guns!


Asked by MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhl (I think it was) this morning for a readout on yesterday’s “listening session” at the WH, that brilliant young man, Sam, said “Well, I know I was heard, because he had it on his list of things to tell us. But I don’t think I was felt.”


How many gun owners worried about their country becoming a dictatorship would give up their guns if they trusted their government?

Direct Democracy


A wise decision, most likely