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'Speak Up and Be Allies': Men Asked to Join Women in Sharing Stories of Abortion

'Speak Up and Be Allies': Men Asked to Join Women in Sharing Stories of Abortion

Julia Conley, staff writer

As women on social media this week responded to the latest extreme anti-choice laws passed in Alabama and Missouri by sharing their own experiences with abortion, some rights advocates called on men to join in the campaign so that reproductive justice work doesn't fall solely on women.

Trump probably has a lot of abortion stories to tell.


When I was 19, my girlfriend who was 18 at the time asked me to go with her to Planned Parenthood so that she could register for free birth control.

We were both in college at the time.

I did so willingly and later that year, after making love one afternoon at her parents house, we mistakenly left an empty condom wrapping on the headboard.

Around 6pm that same evening after her folks had come home after work, one of them found the wrapping, began yelling at my girlfriend, so she called me and asked me to come over. She was crying

I arrived 10 minutes later and nearly got in a fist fight with her Dad.

Yes, we were young, but we were taking responsible steps to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

You’d think they might have been happy that we were being adult about our coupling, being responsible.

Three years later, after we both had graduated, and got jobs, we married.

We never did have any kids.

She got the Seven Year Inch and found someone else to scratch it.

She broke my heart.

Booker’s posturing, as per usual

But he’s spot on, and men need to be on that spot, side by side with women.

Men speaking up. It takes courage just like choosing to be a parent. But until men become a loud voice against the oppression of women and hence, their own extinction, a woman’s right to private health care will continue to be attacked by moralists who wish to impose personally held beliefs through legislative action to the detriment of all our guaranteed freedoms.

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Other ways to protest? What if…
If the abortion law takes hold, I suggest that women not date except in groups, not go unescorted anywhere, …

I hope you found somone to “unbreak” your heart.

Meanwhile knowing your love of music i hope you appreciate this (from my heart):

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Well helen, i am always with my little dog.

It took me almost 25 years but yes, I found love again.

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