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Speaker Nancy Pelosi Writes to Me!

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/01/speaker-nancy-pelosi-writes-me


Ralph, I cast my vote for you, perhaps the only true vote I cast.


Ralph is scraping the bottom of the inspiration barrel, if he’s down to the shallow duplicities of Dim fundraising missives from robot Nancy. Good god, man, what does the handwaving about party priorities even matter? Now that three putative COVID-relief bills in a row have already sold the US American people down the river (with our Post Office to boot), in deference to remarkably ebullient financial markets, it’s just too obvious, isn’t it? Nancy don’t care about people.


OK Ralph, you got me with your “clickbait” headline. You give me hope, then you smack me back to reality, not cool. :)))


Does that winkie connote blowing Ralph a raspberry? (If so, I concur – albeit winkie-freely, as yet.)

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IMO you can’t get mad at Ralph, he has spent almost his entire lifetime trying to make the country better and safer for the common people.


I have received plenty of those letters, too. Not only do they choose what issues they believe are important, they are phrased so as to be insulting if you don’t believe ‘their’ way. Yes, they have those little spaces for issues We might care about, but I’m clear they don’t actually read them. They are nothing more than fundraising letters. Putrid Pelosi has never cared what We think - only her corporate masters.


Until this year the Dims were sending me and my wife those fundraising solicitations disguised as “surveys” that nobody would ever process if we had sent them in.

This year its a series of raw fund raising solicitations that I get from Obummer and my wife gets from Pelosi.

Recall Pelosi in March 2010 launching the House of Representatives vote on the ACA and admonishing Congresscritters to “vote yes so we can see what is in it” (the 2600 plus pages that only author Liz Fowler, lobbyists, and other K Street operatives ever read…then or now).


Pelosi, Schumer. Obama, we frequently get these letters purportedly penned by the great ones themselves. And the letters so ironically represent the Democratic Party and what it really has become - a total fraud, lie built upon lie, aggressively sold to the American people by the corporate media and the just as corrupt political consultants Nader speaks of here. They’re the ones the corporate media cronies posing as journalists bring on ad nauseum to sell the lies of the Democratic Party and its never ending “lesser of two evils” justification for why thy’re better for the country.

Well, we can criticize the Party and it’s thoroughly corrupted principals all we want and, to be sure, they’ve earned our disdain and more. But that, alone, does us no good whatsoever, for the Dems still continue to move the country, in concert with their Republican partners, to permanent oligarchy and corporate fascism; indeed, we might well already be there.

Of course, we have no one to blame but ourselves, for it’s been us who’ve settled for what we’ve got from the duopoly. Truth is, the American people are not very bright; certainly, the truth about the duopoly has been there for all to see. Yes, they lie and their good at it but, sooner or later, those wishing to know the truth will know it. MAGA types choose to ignore the truth about the Trump Death Cult. Traditional Dems, including many so called progressives, choose to ignore the truth about the Dems. Life is just so much easier, that way, or so we choose to think.

The Dems will never be the answer and further investment in the Democratic Party is to invest in failure, for us and those we love. It will only dig us deeper into the despair we all feel and, yes, it really is that simple. It’ll be a new political party genuinely representing the people, assuming that we can become smart enough and bold enough to make it happen, or it will be ever increasing political enslavement for most Americans.


As always, Ralph in spot on. Thank you Ralph for your decades of service for “we the people”.


“Moynihan told me about her disgust with Democratic Party outside consultants who were incompetent, arrogant, expensive and looked out for their own interests above the candidates their campaigns portrayed. She threw them out.”

Mostly I wanted to repeat “She threw them out.” Ahhh, a campaign catch phrase:
SHE THREW THEM OUT – repeated. That’ll be a million dollars thank you.
When is my bank gonna see my million dollars?

The Green Party actually has a decent chance for a podium in upcoming Presidential debates. The Green Party perspective could be in every major debate as 3rd Party. It has to do with GND projections for EVs and solar currently misguided by corporate marketing teams lying.


And they will get my vote. I’ll also encourage a joint effort of the Green Party and the Movement for a People’s Party. We’ve got to get to a critical mass of support.

Nancy probably still is unlikely to respond to – and maybe even to read – his letters, but I enjoyed this take-down. (I hope he sent her a copy!)


Here’s the deal: All-battery BEV must not serve trucking interests.
All GNDs so far herald giant 500+kwh battery packs drained in
less than two years, a waste of resources to serve global transport.
Heavier class vehicles plug-in hybrid tech - combustible hydrogen,
plant based ethanol - etc. Greens support PHEV hybrid tech the
debate needs that Green perspective.

If the US Green Party ever sheds it’s whack-a-doodle fringe, and manages to become a serious threat to the Mainstream duopoly, it will be bought off by money it can’t refuse. The problem is political parties, regardless of alignment, and Private money in Public elections. Completely outlawing both would go a long way toward bringing democracy back into our Republic.

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And here I was hoping she’d write,

“Oh, Ralph, Ralph, you were right all along. I am so sorry we purged the party of progressive and moderate voices, misrepresented corporatist politicians as “Democrats,” and disinformed and alienated several generations of young Americans who might otherwise have become usefully active and involved citizens, leading them around by the noses with invented tripe about ‘hope’ and ‘change.’ I spent the money, and I enjoyed it, but I will never regain legitimacy among my fellow humans or even creatures, and no amount of Napa vintage can staunch the pain. Yours from the depths of Hell, N Pelosi.”

I suppose the context got away from me a bit.


Ralph’s last friday radio podcast covered advertising and its effectiveness. As usual it was interesting to listen to his guest and the responses.

Jul 25, 2020

Amidst a general discussion of this year’s presidential race, political ad guru Bill Hillsman deconstructs four Joe Biden ads and one Trump ad for message and effectiveness. Plus, child advocate Robert Fellmeth rejoins us to continue his crusade against anonymity on Facebook from the RNRadio Hour

DCCC - Blacklist protects those “outside consultants”.

They didn’t have to read it, they wrote it.