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Speaking in Puerto Rico, Warren Says, 'With Trump, Cruelty Not an Accident' But 'Part of the Plan'

Speaking in Puerto Rico, Warren Says, 'With Trump, Cruelty Not an Accident' But 'Part of the Plan'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

On the heels of a new study showing the federal government gave short shrift to Puerto Rico relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Maria, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Tuesday delivered a speech on the island in which she blasted the Trump administration for its lack of respect and "cruelty" towards the Puerto Rican people.

After reviewing what Aunt Lizzy has accomplished in her career to help people amounts to about Zero! Great Talker. Great speaker, but that’s about how far it goes. No vote for her from me…


I visited PR a couple times. Great place to escape US laws. My high school band filled up their horns with drugs and booze and had a rollicking hotel experience while the directors went out to party. Another visit, we wandered the coastline with our kids, seeing chemical company after chemical company.
Seems like a great place to emphasize green living. Mountains and seashore!

  1. Lots to do on every coastline around the US to deal with rising seas. That is where the emphasis should be.
  2. Puerto Rico also needs better construction standards to deal with more powerful storms ahead.Dissing Trump is so so, lame and easy.
  3. I saw a lot of government housing projects when I was there. That means a lot of poor. Emphasize local hiring on these infrastructure projects and make sure the local universities are training people for the work that needs to be done.
  4. My second trip was just after Hurricane Andrew. Care needs to be taken regarding which kind of trees are planted and where. It was amazing to see virtually every tree broken on the island that year. So sad. Florida has strict regulations now regarding what types of trees can be planted. I don’t know whether it is enough…It seems local termites can do huge damage to non-native trees, making the easy to snap.

I understand that there is billions earmarked for disaster relief in Puerto Rico that is just sitting there. It isn’t just Trump, it’s the entire Republican party. I hope Pelosi makes doing the right thing there as well as in Florida and Texas a priority. What has happened to Puerto Rico is an abomination.

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