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'Speaking of Looting...': Trump Admin. Refuses to Disclose Corporate Recipients of $500 Billion in Coronavirus Bailout Funds

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/11/speaking-looting-trump-admin-refuses-disclose-corporate-recipients-500-billion


Just how can this be legal? Is there any laws for our elected officials and who they put in position of power like the Secretary of Treasury? No policies, no laws? Seems not democrats, WTF are you doing?

Outraged. Impeach the entire administration and call all republicans aiding and abetting this illegal President who was not elected by the people by 3 million voters and jail them all along with the complicit democrats.


Ask yourselves, why did Nancy and Steny, and Chuck sign off on this legislation?
We knew republicans were going to fill their pockets with silverware as they left Washington. The only question was how many dems would do it as well.
We have our answer, don’t we?


I guess but please tell me.

Mnuchin told the Senate committee Wednesday: “We believe that that’s proprietary information, and in many cases for sole proprietors and small businesses, it is confidential information.”

It is NOT HIS money.


That is how those fighting democrats wrote the law. Thanks, Nancy.
So maybe it’s time to start shooting? As in, “When the looting starts…”?


The “looters” will fight this to the death.


What’s the worry, I got my $5 billion, didn’t you? JK.


AOC was the ONLY Congresscritter to cry foul while this looting was in progress.


Nothing to see folks. Move along. The oligarchs won decades ago and now they are taking it all as it all collapses. Who the fuck cares as it is nothing but Monopoly money in reality when all is said and done. Let the fuckers play their game and if the rest of us were smart we would simply disconnect from their insane reality and create a new one where we all take care of each other. Those fuckers don’t know how to survive without us. Let them try. A utopian dream on my part, but it is far better than the alternative dystopian nightmare that is unfolding now.


In America 75-80% of stocks and bonds are owned by 10% of the population, is the economy Trump cares about. For the federal reserve, lobbies and government the economy is that 10% and the other 90% of Americans are just collateral damage.


Ms Jujudahl. With all due respect, your typing won’t make it so. If you haven’t called your U.S. Reps and 2 members of the most exclusive country club in the world, the U.S. Senate then by all means add to my phone calls and hand delivered notes to Blue State Democratic Rep Suzanne Bonamici, Sr Senator married millionaire Ron Wyden (who has backed every job-losing trade deal since NAFTA and even under Obama supported by-passing our elected legislators completely by giving the President permanent TRADE PROMOTION AUTHORITY dba TPA) and Jr Senator Jeff Merkley who talked tough on TV summer of 2015 as Trump & GOP got serious seated next to my choice for Prez Prof Senator Elizabeth Warren who was grilling the CEO & CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD of bailed out WELLS FARGO about institutional corruption and financialization at the expense of the Public Interest, while said CEO\BOARD CHAIR Stumpf was boosting Wells Fargo’s Wall Street valuation and paying himself structured incentive bonuses in share points amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars in personal compensation never clawed back by Obama-Biden and their cabinet of Wall Street Apex Predators…

Non Democrat Bernie Sanders wasn’t ever going to gain the DNC’s support as the top of the ticket Presidential nominee, no matter how many young apolitical voters might’ve been motivated to register to vote and get more of their elders on board too. As Prof Sen Warren’s choice for VP, Sanders might’ve been acceptable. Warren never got any traction. Yet look who used the election season to deepen our understanding of how MARKETPLACE and THIS WEEK ON WALL STREET and BUSINESS INSIDER and PLANET MONEY and BLOOMBERG BILLIONAIRE NEWS all work and play (at our WAGE SLAVE expense).

Even 2 years ago here was Warren hammering at the new CEO of Wells Fargo (finally after my 11 years of trying to get proxy shareholders to separate the corrupt practice of having a profit-maximizing CEO also function as BOARD CHAIR whose job is supposed to be safeguarding the long-term interests of an enterprise, not that you’d learn that from our Public Airwave business programs, nor is there any programming in U.S. from WAGE SLAVE WEEK’s perspective)
Paleo-Conservative and Public Interest serving Democratic candidate Warren, with all of her preparation and attempts to get Obama-Biden to launch a CONSUMER FINANCIAL PROTECTION BUREAU most the Sanders Bros left her in the weeds, which is just where the Wall Street wing of the Democratic National Committee leadership wanted her to stay.

Yet here she is calling on the new CEO of Wells Fargo to be fired. She confronts CEO Sloan with an LA TIMES expose and hard number findings. How many of Bernie Bros even think to pick up a newspaper anymore? Not target a search online, flip through pages and see what you may learn that you don’t already know…:

Now who would you rather standing across a televised debate lectern from our current Buffoon in Chief? Status Quo Joe MBNA Banking Secrecy Legal Fiction State of Delaware and Obama VP Biden or this prepared and armed with the facts woman who also has the capability of using every second of air time to teach U.S. what we need to know in our interest, not in the CEO\BOARD CHAIR’s private interests!

Yours from the grave of newsprint,
Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Song Chasers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
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When it came to administering the CARES Act, Pelosi and Schumer trusted Mnunchin.

Which means they’re either stupid or complicit. Neither is good.


But both is likely


The only laws in the USA are to protect the oligarchs as they steal everything from the rest of us. So it is perfectly legal. And the Democrats are in on the take as well, just look at all the bribes they greedily take from the corporate lobbyists. There is not a dimes worth of difference between them and their Republican brethren when it comes to aiding and abetting their corporate oligarch masters.


“Take him out. (rifle gesture) Bing, it’s quick”
d. trump

Recall all of the money and put it back in our cash register until disclosure is in place.

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Remember the shit-eating smiles of McConnell and Mnuchin when the stimulus bill got passed? They knew what it was going to do for their friends and their own bank accounts.Total scum. I’ll wait until January to see them get their comeuppance.


Yup, no more bailouts or stimulus for the people. They will just squander it of food, rent, and prescriptions.


Anyone reading this without a face mask and face shield is a trump supporter! Anyone within six feet of someone else is a trump supporter! Just look at these charts and graphs! Death! Death! Death! That’s what we should worry about! Death! Viruses! Secrecy is good for us! Democracy is a virus! Knowledge is a virus! This is an emergency! Look at these charts!

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