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'Spectacular Failure of Leadership': Trump's Opioid Epidemic Proposal Reportedly Includes Plan to Execute Drug Dealers


'Spectacular Failure of Leadership': Trump's Opioid Epidemic Proposal Reportedly Includes Plan to Execute Drug Dealers

Julia Conley, staff writer

President Donald Trump's recent threats to execute drug dealers are reportedly materializing in his final plan to combat the opioid addiction epidemic that has killed tens of thousands of people annually in recent years.


This administration found nearly $1.5 Trillion to give to the top 1/10th of 1% of people in America, that didn’t even need it.

They are intentionally allowing these tens of thousands of Opiod users, to die.

On purpose.

Isn’t this Murder, with intent?


Between trumps 1% corporate/banker/wall street domestic agent/advisers and depraved foreign nutters like duterte and nuttyyahoo, the world is a far more dangerous dangerous place; a spectacular failure of leadership in the most extreme meaning…

"The world is a dangerous place to live. Not because of the people who are evil; but because of the people who don’t do anything about it. – Albert Einstein.

I would say that Einstein’s sentiment is accurate, but with all due respect, evil people are most definitely a part of the equation - and growing daily under the absolutely evil trump regime.


Wasn’t fixing the opioid epidemic one of the “projects” in Jared Kushner’s portfolio?

Makes’ me wonder about any Sackler : Kushner financial connections. Just sayin’.

Sacklers single-handedly, knowingly stoked the epidemic which has killed 10’s of thousands of people. But they’re billionaires now. And we don’t prosecute the super rich dealers.


Heck, Trump might be soon calling for torture to be used in interrogations to nail drug dealers.

Thanks to Obama and Feinstein, such a road is wide open. Yoo is still there to write up some “legal” justification and that will be that.

But I’ve been told not to blame Obama or Feinstein.


This shouldn’t go very far. I’m sure there’s a Republican or Republican donor whose son, daughter or other relative is dealing opiods. As soon as one of them gets charged, the notion of the death penalty will suddenly wither on the vine.

Of course, there’s always the “worst case scenario” where they carve out some exception that allows those people to be treated differently, while all Democrats, Independents, or people “of color” are sent to the death chamber for some kind of horrific execution process (see Oklahoma, for example).


And Feinstein and Obama left the road for torture wide open as when it comes right down to it, torturers were intentionally left to continue unscathed, and become CIA directors, Secretary of State, and such.

But hey, I’m a fucking Drama Queen I’ve been told on this subject.


Wait, wait, wait…so we get to kill the manufacturers of Fentanyl, Oxycodone etc? Right. That won’t last long as a proposal!


My God! It gets more insane every day! The Fascist/Authoritarian solution to every problem seems to be: (1.) Incarcerate more people., and (2) execute more people.

We are steadily, rapidly heading for the Dark Ages, only worse!


I suppose this might be a bit of a sick idea, but since these drug dealers are causing the deaths of so many would it be so wrong to ask the dealers if they would mind taking a fatal dose of their drugs for themselves? It would solve the problem of trying to find reportedly scarce lethal injection execution drugs, plus no executioner will feel guilty about putting someone to death.


Death to money launderers!


No such thing Psy Chick, you are correct on most things, including the complicity/responsibility of DINO Dems, the Obama regime, AG Holder, and their refusal to really stand or fight for anything, much less accountability and prosecutions of torturers and other war criminals…war, a very profitable enterprise…same as it ever was…


I think he meant the dealers and producers of illegal drugs. Not that that’s gonna stop the next guy down the chain to pick up the business. Personally i think any and all narcotics should be freely available to anyone over 18 and that person should be fully responsible for their actions. I know… just dream, personal responsibility is been dead a long time in the US.


Hi Psych,
Yes. Obumer & Finburg established the ground for this orange monkey to tweet. They are on the same team. Cheers.


Thanks, I needed that. This stuff does affect me deeply, but that is nothing compared with what was meted out to these poor humans who will be scarred for the rest of their lives, the ones who survived.


I don’t understand how anybody needs any other “drug” healing substance besides cannabis. Everybody knows it.


Hey my bud here just sold me a joint for a buck. The death penalty? What a creepy suck up shill.


agreed, but by who, the dirty DNC? I never excused Obama for that. pretty sure common dreams didn’t either.

Clinton more or less destroyed the party after the election. not saying it was great or perfect, but it literally self imploded. Been crying about Russia ever since, ignoring everything else and attacking progressives.


@POTUS isn’t talking about killing the Sacklers, or Big Pharma executives.

He may not be, but other people certainly are. And it might get taken out of his hands sometime and a coupe of pharm execs may find themselves in the dock facing a long drop on a short rope.


oops, I was clucking to myself