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Spencer Platt / Getty Images Donald Trump Isn’t the Only Enemy on the Ballot


Spencer Platt / Getty Images Donald Trump Isn’t the Only Enemy on the Ballot

Bill McKibben

I voted early at the town hall in my small Vermont hamlet last week. Partly because I may be out of town on election day—and partly because I wanted to make sure that just in case Donald Trump got forced from the race, I had the pleasure of voting against him. And it was a pleasure, the same pleasure an antibody must feel when it wipes out some invading virus.


For the details read Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right by Jane Mayer. She does an excellent job of following the money.


I think a very good case can be made regarding the Koch Brothers buying the Vermont governorship. This article would have been more meaningful without any references to The Donald which by default would seem to be pushing the mainstream candidate, HRC, of whom Paul Craig Roberts refers to as Killer B**ch Hillary. Asterisks added. Going forward, I shall refer to HRC as KBH.


The Koch Brothers are not just an enemy on any ballot, but the Koch Brothers are an enemy to life it self! Hey Green Mountain State, don't fall for the false, fake promises!


Bill always a shill for the Democrats. He fails to look at them in an objective way.


To expand on the article's title that "Trump Isn't the Only Enemy on the Ballot", every Democratic Party and GOP POTUS candidate and incumbent on the general election ballot for the past three decades has been an enemy of the 99%.


Without even waiting to see the damage wrought by her first hundred days, Cornel West knows that the appointees President Clinton announces between November 9 and January 19 will be tantamount to burning the "progressive platform". How will McKibben respond to that ?


A very respectable author. A well written article. But in a nutshell he is advocating for the lesser of two evils. Same old, same old.


Thank you Bill. You walk the talk; saw you get arrested protesting at the Chevron refinery (and surely not for the first time).
To the point: The Koch brothers have enabled the sad fact that thirty-four state legislatures are controlled by the Repugs. That's more damage than Trump can incur alone.


WikiLeaks: Hillary Clinton Told Pipeline & Fracking Critics to "Get a Life"

that includes you, billy "foundation-money addicted" mckibben...


Hillary Clinton: "I want to defend fracking." Climate change environmentalists should "Get a life," #PodestaEmails8


As much as I respect Mr. McKibben, it is incorrect for him to state that he voted "against" Trump. We only get to vote for a candidate. But by fabricating this negative vote concept, he sets up the false construct that anyone not voting for Hillary Clinton is casting a vote for Trump, thus demonizing anyone with the audacity to vote for any other viable candidate of their own choice.


In a democracy, THE Majority must include some fair proportion of conservative-minded citizenry. This is why most elected democrats become centrist. After all, any elected official must represent most constituents. An elected republican, OTOH, have no compunction to serve a majority of conservatives, as their basic political philosophy is 'individualism', ie, serving those individuals with the most power and control over the majority. Bobcat's sense of "objectivity" is BS.


The problem with Democrats becoming centrists is that it encroaches on the GOP, moving them and the entire national agenda rightward, thereby creating a void on the left that will be filled by one or more progressive parties..

"Most elected Democrats become centrists" because the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) playbook requires them to in order to keep the corporate cash flowing in.


So sad to see him go with the lesser-evil argument when he could have thrown his support behind someone who is calling climate change the emergency it is.
Cornell West had the integrity to do it when he saw the intransigence of the Democratic Party.
And truly, I don't know that the Kochs aren't backing Hillary. Every other corporatist is.

Stein/Baraka 2016


"I want to defend fracking" translated into plain English. "I want to reduce coal burning." Apparently Clinton is extremely concerned that coal burning is the number one source of carbon dioxide emissions in the US and also that carbon dioxide emissions are the number one cause of global warming.


From my perspective, Bill is a good guy who is sincere about climate devastation, but Bill must be very naive if he believes by voting against Trump he is not supporting climate perdition.

Why Bill? Why not support the one candidate that agrees with you 100% about climate devastation? Dr. Jill Stein!


The same could be said about Hillary, Soros, and the corruption of the Democratic party from money.