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Spending Millions to Get Their Billions: GOP Mega-Donors Plot to Pass #TrumpTaxScam


Spending Millions to Get Their Billions: GOP Mega-Donors Plot to Pass #TrumpTaxScam

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"The GOP knows their donors will drop them like a hot rock if they don't deliver tax cuts for their billionaires."


UUUMMM…isn’t this what we fought the Revolutionary war for?, taxation without representation?? I am not advocating violence but burning up the phone lines, well, that’s cool.


The gall of these dimwitted, lying Republican pricks is staggering,

They lie about their intentions, then they bank on the people being stupider than they are to believe the lies.


Applying occam’s razor, 1) both Republicans and Democrats - for the most part - remain on the sidelines while we witness the unprecedented monopolization mergers in media and internet, mining and construction having already made these moves years ago. Beefing up industrial strength monopoly and ecocide with resource extraction etc. The latter being shielded by politicians for the most egregious of abuses infecting all political threads and blocks. This is globalization cum MONOPOLY cum ecocide, genocide, -cides of all kinds.

Make you hurt by doing nothing, create as much pain as necessary by slicing folks off at the knee - THAT is Trumps job - and it is the ONLY thing in which he has been consistent. The absolutist faith of the Trump base and office holders is being stratified, cauterized and hardened to a broad spectrum version of an ‘administration’ equivalent to the ‘brown shirts’. Ever wonder WHY the level of governance has dropped to all time lows? Faith in what, the shreds of an ancient civic notion of human decency? A plan to cripple, while ‘killing with faux kindness’ - witness the tripe of Melanie Trump visiting a school, while the sister of a mercenary follows orders on sucking public education dry to finalize education to be a manufacturing job. Taking the ‘future’ and so battering any expectation of justice as to render any militancy flaccid - or so they seem to assume.


There is no more leading and governance.

There is only lies and thievery.


I cruised the news sites, read some links as well. It’s over. We killed it. America is so top heavy it has fallen over, crashed and burned. The only left is what we see today, America is being gutted like a fish on the beach and those that actually Love this country…I lost my wifi connection out here in the bushs of AZ, lost my train of thought too…anyway…it’s over…ain’t nothin’ ta see here, move along folk’s, move along.