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Spending Millions to Save Much More: How the Uber-Wealthy Avoid Paying Their Fair Share



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One solution is to do away with taxes and politicians. Govern by encrypted online consensus. Why give our money to oligarchy politicians to play with when we can all decide what to spend it on?


"The rich do not stay rich by being stupid"
Maybe but
The super rich stay stupid by being super rich


Harry Braun's 2016 Independent Presidential Campaign is organized as a Constitutional Convention in order to ratify the Article V Democracy Amendment he has proposed

Harry Braun explaining why ratifying the Democracy Amendment is the key to replacing the highly-toxic Oil Economy with a solar-sourced Hydrogen Economy.
As Thomas Jefferson said,“All authority belongs to the people.”

Empowering the Majority is now Critical
Please click on this link for a paginated PDF version of this document .

Scientist Harry Braun's presidential vision is to replace all toxic fossil and nuclear fuels with less than three million, two megawatt wind-powered hydrogen production systems by 2020, which will include the deployment of sea-based "windships" that will provide a vast sanctuary for the remaining ocean ecosystems. And the key to this "transition of substance" is to empower the majority of registered voters with an Article V Citizen Ballot that can be downloaded as a verifiable paper ballot from the BraunforPresident.US website, that will constitutionally replace the lobbyist (i.e., bribery)-based American Republic and its highly-toxic Oil Economy that is rapidly making the Earth uninhabitable, with a real majority rule Democracy and a solar-sourced Hydrogen Economy that has been advocated by thousands of scientists and engineers worldwide since the 1800’s.

Harry Braun's Phoenix Project DVD documentary, which is also available on his campaign website, is based on his 360-page book by the same name, which is now available as an ebook on the Phoenix Project Foundation ebookstore. Braun’s DVD outlines his peer-reviewed 5-year plan to replace all fossil and nuclear fuels worldwide with wind and other solar-sourced hydrogen production systems, including cannabis, photovoltaic and ocean thermal energy conversion systems that are being developed by Lockheed-Martin. In this reindustrialization effort, every vehicle, aircraft, appliance, pipeline, and power plant will be modified to use solar hydrogen fuel, just like the photosynthetic proteins and green plants have been doing for over 3 billion years.

Please note that after the credits in Braun's DVD documentary, there is a remarkable ABC News report by Peter Jennings on one of the first Hydrogen Homes built in America that was developed by John Lorenzen, a farmer in Iowa who only had a 6th grade education because his father died and he had to quit school to help his mom on the farm. But in his barnyard workshop, Lorenzen figured out how to make his own wind turbines in the 1930's, and by placing the electrodes from the wind systems into a barrel of water, he made hydrogen for his home and pick up truck that he modified himself to use the hydrogen fuel. What Lorenzen accomplished on his small farm is exactly what is now required for Spaceship Earth.

But given the obstacle to this "transition of substance" has always been the multinational Oil Industrial Complex, whose army of lobbyists bribe senior elected officials of both political parties, Braun has organized his 2016 Independent Presidential Campaign as an Article V Constitutional Convention, in order to bypass the lobbyist-based Congress and State Legislatures, to ratify his following Article V Democracy Amendment as the 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution:

"We the People, hereby empower the majority of American citizens to
approve all laws, federal legislation, presidential executive orders,
and judicial decisions that impact the majority of citizens."

Most Americans believe the USA is already a Democracy, because they hear this Orwellian deception daily from elected officials and all of the corporate news networks. However, the USA is and always has been a lobbyist-based Republic, where all major decisions are made by a tiny number of elected “representatives” who are bribed in secret by armies of lobbyists who write the thousand-plus page bills that virtually no one reads.

One does not need a law degree to understand the difference between an Oligarchic Republic and a majority-rule Democracy, only a dictionary. Indeed, it is no accident that some of the most despicable governments in the world are Republics, including the governments of North Korea, Syria, Iran and Iraq. And few people in the U.S. are aware of the only country that is a real Constitutional Democracy that was formalized in the year 1291, in a remarkably diverse country with four official languages, which has not been involved in a war since the year 1847. And that country is Switzerland, where the world’s first hydrogen-fueled automobile was built in 1807, because gasoline, which could not be made without hydrogen, would not be widely available for another century.


(Harry Braun continued)
These are the same reckless bankers who received trillions of taxpayer’s dollars in socialistic banker bailouts for their shoddy banking practices, because President Bill Clinton decided to repeal the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999, which prevented commercial banking corporations from being involved with the high-risk casino investment banking corporations ever since the stock market crash of 1929. And Hillary Clinton still opposes reinstating the Glass-Steagall Act, even after the crash of 2008.

The Poisoning of America

The first ominous Poisoning of America report in Time magazine was published in 1980, and the follow-up report in 1985 was equally grim given the complete lack of controls on the mass production of toxic chemicals. And in 2010, medical professor Sunjay Gupta produced a riveting 2-hour "Toxic America" report aired on CNN in 2010, where Lisa Jackson, the director of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) at the time, acknowledged that over 85,000 of the most toxic chemicals known, like gasoline and diesel fuel, were all exempted from EPA review and testing when the agency was established by the Nixon administration in 1970.

This action was the result of thousands of lobbyists from the Oil Industrial Complex who wrote the thousand-page laws that allowed oil corporations to make vast fortunes by mass-producing trillions of gallons of the most-toxic chemicals known, and due to an immutable law in physics called “diffusion,” these chemical poisons are now so ubiquitous on the Earth and in its atmosphere that they now arrive in the wind and rain worldwide. And the tragic result is that every man, woman and child worldwide has been contaminated, including the unborn, who now soak in a witches brew of chemical and radiological poisons from the point of conception.

This chemical contamination of the air, water and food has caused epidemics of super-sticky "amyloid" plaques in humans and other animals, which result when the critical proteins in every cell of the body are dissolved by these oil-based hydrocarbon poisons, which Wikipedia has reported are at the heart of a wide-range of tragic diseases that are bankrupting the U.S. with trillions of dollars of unfunded liabilities for health care costs, including cancer, Autism and Alzheimer’s. Not even the animals in the Arctic have escaped this toxic chemical contamination in their blood because just as cream diffuses into a cup of coffee, the poisons diffuse just as rapidly when they are released anywhere in the Earth’s water or atmosphere, which is a major factor in the Sixth Mass Extinction event in the Earth's history that is now in its final exponential stages.

It is why “We the People” must Take Action Now!

The Trigger Mechanism is the Article V Citizen Ballot

Fortunately, Article V of the U.S. Constitution empowers the majority of citizens who are registered voters to bypass the Congress and State Legislatures in order to pass and ratify Constitutional amendments, in what are called State Constitutional Conventions. And given the 28-word citizen-sponsored Democracy Amendment has already been written and proposed by Harry Braun, this 28th Amendment now only needs be passed and ratified by the majority of voters in 38 States when they send their ballots to their Secretary of State, which will then transfer all political power from the lobbyists, political parties and elected officials they bribe, to the majority of registered voters, which is a Universal Mind of over 60 million American citizens.

Given such a time-sensitive State of Emergency now exists for the citizens of the United States, as well as the Earth’s global ecological life-support systems, it is critical that a majority of American voters be made aware of their most important Constitutional power, which is to ratify Braun's proposed 28th Amendment for Democracy with the Article V Citizen Ballot that can be downloaded as a verifiable paper ballot (unlike the votes in past U.S. computer-based elections) from the BraunforPresident.US or DemocracyAmendmentUSA.net websites.

Once the majority of citizens in three-fourths of the States (i.e., 38 States) mail their signed paper ballots to their respective Secretary of State, where they can be verified, counted and archived, the Democracy Amendment will then become law. The United States Citizens Congress of registered voters will then be in charge, at which point the majority will have finished the American Revolution for Democracy that formally began in 1776.

The majority will then be “deciders” rather than “observers,” who can then shift from the unsustainable and highly-toxic Oil Economy to a real Democracy and Solar Hydrogen Economy that is outlined on the Phoenix Project Foundation.US website. Given that none of the existing national elections in the U.S. in recent years have been valid because they are not verifiable due to the fact that the votes were counted in secret by private corporations, one wonders why all voting in the United States is not accomplished in this verifiable and convenient manor.

As Joseph Stalin once observed, "It's not the voters who count, but who counts the votes." And given a technological “Utopia” of a Hydrogen Economy or an ecological “Oblivion” scenario lies in the balance, it is critical to Take Action Now!

Copyright © 2015 by the Harry Braun for President Campaign Committee.

BraunforPresident.US | Phone 770-905-7000 | hb@BraunforPresident.US

171 Grandmar Chase, Canton, GA 30115, United States


Prof. Lawrence Lessig may have had a short lived campaign for President but he was spot on when he said that until we have public financed elections nothing will change for the better in this country. The rich finance our politician's campaigns and then cash in later when it's time to write policy and laws. Until we enact major changes to how we fund elections, the uber-rich will get richer, multi-national corporations will write our trade policies while hiding tax money overseas, and we will get handed the bill.


But, I did post it on face book...


ummm give me break... as the author pointed out, this goes way beyond getting a tax break for you mortgage ... How many millions does it take to put food no the table... and a roof over your head... they'd still have plenty of millions or billions left to keep their yacht or their three mansions.. Please, think about what you said. Also, how did they make that money in the first place? Many times, they either got it through tricky finance moves anyway... hedge funds etc... or who knows how much came from illegal means? So, really, tell again, how they should be given so many chances .... to hide their money? .... While those who were already on the bottom... struggle in their elementary schools, trying to learn, trying to do homework, while their parents work double jobs.... the kid goes to day care of after school care... mom and dad pick them up at say 6:or 7:00 pm ... go home.. and then mom and dad are most of the time, exhausted from the stress of work and the stress of that work not paying enough in the first damn place... so, maybe a fight starts about money... bills, time... rest... ???
These kids go to school the next day and start that cycle all over again...trying to play keep up with the Jones's ...Cause, you know ... that is what happens at school ... and maybe another issue ..is that at least one parent or both, didn't graduate high school... they come from he same damn cycle.. so, they can't even help their kid with their home work.... and they don't even know how to help the kid take the steps to navigate high school, OR TO GO TO COLLEGE... ...
Ya' know, it's not that people shouldn't work hard to take care of themselves and their families... but, the thing is that these people are taken advantage of. Especially now days... the wages we work for... are peanuts thrown to us... or have already been through the elephants *ss... and we have to pick them out of the shit... IF the top is cheating to make more and more millions and billions... well, mmmmmmm, think I explained that pretty well.....
..... and... AND.. much of that money came from stock in oil... FROM EXXON OR ANYOTHER DAMN OIL COMPANY THAT HAS HELPED TO KILL THE PLANET.... SO, the rich have cleaned up all the money, while they helped Exxon etc... keep on keepin' on...
It's such a dirty cycle... but, I think it is coming to and end... yes, I do think it is coming to and end. It won't be nice, either.


MMmm very interesting... something that I would consider.... however, I am still grappling with Guy McPherson's summation that we have already lost the climate change fight and that NATURE BATS LAST... she's up... and well, look what she is hitting... to us... it's only going to go further...
I'll keep your info in mind, though, cause, well, I don't really like to go down fighting, EVEN IF ONLY TO PUT IT THE OIL COMPANIES AND SEE THEM DIE A VERY SLOW AND HUMULIATING DEATH.


A good percentage of the super wealthy become billionaires by being sociopaths. Why would a sociopath be concerned with fairness, you're right daddio7.



If Alice decided to spend her fortune at a rate of 114,155 USD per hour 24/7, it would take Alice in Uberland 34 fucking years to spend it.

That kind of wealth is obscene and shouldn't be legal.


What kind of person decides to earn their 30th billion while children starve?


Wow, blaming the oil companies with a full tank of gas in your car...


If billionaires would just stop spending their money buying all the politicians and forcing them to legislate in favor of the 1% at the expense of the 99% I would not be complaining about them.

Then again, buying all the mansions, yachts, jets and other luxury goods she wants probably only set Alice back 5 or 6 billion, leaving the remainder to buy politicians.


Leona Helmsly would agree with you and unfortunately, she was correct when she said: " only little people pay taxes".


That is an absurd and fallacious position given the fact that cars are an absolute necessity for survival for most people in this country. Empty your tank hypocrite.


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Wow, it's sad that I have to explain this, but, here goes.... So, we are born into a system... and we learn to function in that system... Now, in case you haven't heard... Exxon did their own research in the 70's .... and early 80's.... and they came up with all the evidence that showed that burning fossil fuels was causing Climate Change... there are actual docs that showed, THEY KNEW... however, DID THEY TELL ANYONE?... DID THEY GO TO THE GOVERNMENT AND THE PEOPLE AND SAY,.... HEY FOLKS, WE HAVE TO COME UP WITH SOME OTHER WAY TO RUN OUR ECONOMY.... NO .... THEY DID NOT.... they actually, HID THE EVIDENCE.... AND THEY PUT OUT PROPAGANDA STATING THE OPPOSITE.... why? .... SO THEY COULD GET RICHER... AND RICHER AND RICHER....... and WALL STREET COULD KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON ..... NOW, did any of know about this?... NO..!!! .... I KNEW NOTHING until about the mid 2000.... but, still did not know fully what I needed to know...
Now, since we are all in this economic system, which requires money to pay your mortgage, your healthcare, food, etc... I and many of us, are a little stuck... unless of courses, YOU ARE RICH OR REALLY WELL OFF.... and can purchase the renewable equipment etc... . ( oh, wait, most of the rich are not doing that either... why? because most of them have their heads up their but.... buying mansions and buying too many yachts... ) I am not... and actually right now, I do not have a full tank of gas... it's almost empty... and I have no money to fill it... cause, well, I do not have my job any more... .That is partly because ... I could not face going traveling the roads everyday.... everyweek... over 500-700 hundred miles a week... doing my job... because I now know, what's happening .... I now know that the economic system we live in is KILLING US.... I am working on working from home... SO YOU CAN TAKE YOUR IGNORANT STATEMENT AND SHOVE IT... Go think in the corner some where.... YES... WE CAN BLAME THE OIL COMPANIES... AND WE CAN BLAME OUR GOVERNMENT... FOR PUTTING US ALL IN JEOPARDY ..... WAKE UP.


With the wealthy hardly paying any taxes, the working poor paying no federal income taxes and the middle class shrinking - where will they collect the taxes from in the future for their pet project the "Pentagon"?