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Spicer: The Travel Ban Is Not a Travel Ban Even If Trump Calls It a Travel Ban


Spicer: The Travel Ban Is Not a Travel Ban Even If Trump Calls It a Travel Ban

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

White House press secretary Sean Spicer reopened his propaganda playbook on Tuesday, telling reporters that President Donald Trump's executive order blocking entry to the U.S. for refugees, visitors, and green card holders from majority-Muslim countries was "not a travel ban."

"It's not a Muslim ban. It's not a travel ban," Spicer told reporters in a heated, Orwellian exchange. "It's a vetting system to keep America safe."


"“When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.” “The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.” “The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “which is to be master—that's all.”

I could only watch about five minutes of this news briefing, it was simply too much.


Spicer is one obstinate, obstreperous, nasty fellow who will soon break apart into tiny little pieces with his lies, bluster, and misguided (but surely profitable) allegiance to T-dump and Bannon. He mastered the black arts of monstrous prevarication, double-dealing, and larceny during all those years as an "international trade representative, (lobbyist)," and in the cesspools of the RNC and NRCC. He better enjoy it while he can because his professional career will come to an abrupt end in either 6 months or 3.5 years...depending of the mood of the emperor and his Reich Master.


A ban may mean a 'ban' or it may mean 'extreme vetting', but a fool is a fool is a fool.


Wow! You just described his boss too! :smiling_imp:


He doesn't seem to be breaking out into a sweat as he lies, accuses, and deceives. I suspect he's using


Now I'm LOL!!


More like DEET or DDT to keep the bugs (press) off. Nothing will erase his "stink"..ban included.


Do they perhaps have Rumsfeld in a back room somewhere writing papers on clarification? It is certainly sounding like they do. No better way to keep something covered than to embed it in excrement.


To borrow from Rumsfeld...

Trump's Alternative Fact World:
Things that Trump knows that he knows -- Everything
Things Trump doesn't know that he knows -- Nothing
Things Trump knows that he doesn't know -- Nothing
Things Trump doesn't know that he doesn't know -- Nothing

Things Trump knows that he knows -- Nothing
Things that Trump doesn't know that he knows -- Nothing
Things that Trump knows that he doesn't know -- Nothing
Things that Trump doesn't know that he doesn't know -- Everything


Baghdad Bob has come out of retirement I guess.


Spicer is really too stupid to collect a check from us as a federal employee. I don't know what his GS is but it's too much. Demote the idiot to maintenance. Go clean the Trump latrine Sean,and wash your hands before you cook his supper.


Was this a typo? Did you mean to say "Trump?"


A Seal Team Six member was killed in the Yemen raid. Our men shot and killed an eight-year-old little girl with a rifle. A military spokesman on condition of anonymity said "everything that could go wrong went wrong." How many terrorists did the Pentagon create today? Spicer is like a hawker in front of a sideshow but the game is lethal. It's like they are devoted to creating chaos. Madness.


And they all add up to one big fat ZERO...(I would add: Things that Trump does not care to know -- Everything). He already has all the answers just like every other raging rampaging unruly despotic ruler throughout history....most of whom come to disastrous and brutal endings (for good reason).


USAian foreign policy in a nutshell. The Chinese do empire far more effectively; they see how the British East India Company worked and are improving on it.


Actually, the British East India Company didn't do so well. While it did rise to prominence for a while, it eventually failed. It was the VOC (the United East India Company, or as the British called it, the Dutch East India Company) that was really successful and is recognized as the first international corporation and the first to issue stock. It was the seed of our eventual (and soon to come ) demise, assuming we don't get a grip pretty soon. But you're dead on about the Chinese.


It appears that Spicer's training for the job consisted of reading Orwell's 1984.


"I think that the words being used to describe it are derived from what the media is calling this. ... [Trump] has been very clear that it is extreme vetting." To thoae that understand debate: Spicer gave himself away. When he said, "I think..." that was the clue. He didn't say he knew. It's similar to the Freudian slip. What he should have said was that he knew. If anyone has children, and you ask them if they are done with homework and they say they think so, any parent would know right away that there is something up. Although children aren't the best example, adults are. He either knows or he doesn't. When an adult says they think, in this particular situation, there is something up. Its not like their asking him if he likes carrots or hats. Spicer needs to be retrained by his public relations people or be fired immediately. We need better propagandists than him to lie to the media. He's making us look bad. One would think Forest Trump's money would have bought a better person than this chump. Imagine thounds of people sending letters to the White House complaining that Spicer is a crappy propagandist and asking for his resignation lol.


LOL indeed!