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Spicer Won't Give Straight Answer on ProPublica Report on Trump Trust Withdrawals

Spicer Won't Give Straight Answer on ProPublica Report on Trump Trust Withdrawals

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

White House press secretary Sean Spicer didn't offer a clear explanation or response to questions on Monday about new reporting showing that President Donald Trump can withdraw funds at any time from any of his businesses—without telling the American people.

Citing a trust document signed on February 10, online outlet ProPublica reported Monday: "Trump can draw money from his more than 400 businesses, at any time, without disclosing it."

Spicer is rapidly swirling down the rabbit hole…squirming all the way. His puppet master sits on his golden throne demanding more peeled grapes…


Got a quick correction: Spicer is in the rabbit hole.


He is in charge of throwing out the pellets.


The strategy seems to be the Wait and Switch version of the venerable bait and switch con game. In Washington, time heals all sins. If say the issue is divesting from conflicts of interest and you can’t or you choose not to divest then the only alternative is to wait until the issue is subsumed by ensuing issues and hidden away by layers of forgetfulness and lack of public interest in a story the public wrongfully expects had already been settled.

The Wait and Switch! The end result is no divestment or at best a pretend divestment of conflicts of interest that is allowed to stand! The spirit of the law that should be respected by the leader of our country is moot. Trump specialized in subversion of the genuine ethics involved when law meets money. A president who boasts publicly that his not paying taxes to this country means that he is smart. A president who shafts workers and creditors by using bankruptcy as a revenue generator (lead by example anyone).

Public officials in high office and ones involved in State Department decisions with foreign governments should not be tainted by conflict of interest issues.

They weren’t until Trump.

It gets increasingly scarier that this man is intending to impose his Trumped up version of government on us, whether our laws prohibit such things as his obvious conflict of interest issues or those of his supposed surrogate - his son-in-law!

Was Trump the dottering old geezer that had a media presence that would enable him to get elected and Kushner was the real subverter of our constitutional form of government? Did the Repubs come on board with Trump based on Kushner running the administration. Bannon is another semi-figurehead though he is a true bait and switch. He being the bait and Kushner the smart one being the switch?

This whole administration is waiting - delaying - it is getting scary that they do since one must wonder just what they are waiting on? Let’s hope it is not a sudden ‘Next War’ scenario.


We need to recognize that the only reason Trump ran for President was to increase his portfolio and income. If we saw his taxes we would know how tied up his finances are with Russia. To say or beieve otherwise is pure naitivity


A man who has spent the second half of his life running cons on retirees and old folks, refuses to release his tax returns, refuses to treat his financial disclosures seriously, and refuses to put his businesses in a blind trust (the opposite has just been reported) isn’t doing a thing to help himself in the all-I-want-is-peace issue category. That’s why it’s so weird to read some progressives defend him as if that’s an issue he gives a shxt about.


It’s obvious what Trump’s plans are. He has his nose so far up Putin’s ass he can smell his breath. Then he picks an oil executive as his SofS who is beyond secretive. Russia is a oil based economy. They have an ocean of oil under Siberia that they can’t sell because of sanctions. Trump is so desperate to hide his backdoor(illegal?) dealings with Russia that he is willing to look bat shit crazy(er) using his conspiracy theory tweets. As soon as the Russian Scandal goes away(if Trump gets his way) those sanctions on Russian oil exports will be pushed by Donald to be dropped. Then Putin, Tillerson, Trump, and all who sucked on his money teats, will make a gazillion dollars. I’m hoping odds makers are right and Trump will be out of office before then.

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“Pure nativity”???

“the entire point” of setting up such a trust “is so somebody can withdraw money.”

No, Bud. The point of setting up a trust is so that the person who benefits from it has no control of it at all. That’s why parents set up trusts for their kids, to make sure that the kids don’t blow the money on something stupid. It’s why government officials have to set up their financial entanglements in trusts so that they can’t use their political power to enhance their own wealth.

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