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Spicey Is Out: White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer Resigns


Spicey Is Out: White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer Resigns

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

This story will be updated.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer resigned on Friday, the New York Times has reported.

His departure was reportedly in response to President Donald Trump's expected appointment of Anthony Scaramucci to White House communications director.


Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.


Not ever no way nuh uh nada! There has never been a White House like this one! If we read this kind of thing in a book we’d insist that it must be fiction. If we had seen this in a movie, we’d have said it was not believable!

Meanwhile the rampaging Trumpenstein monster remains out of control and with his little hands on the nuclear button!

Talk about buyer’s remorse? Spicer’s leaving is scarier than it first appears! What exactly is going on up at the White House?

Spicer’s leaving makes us ask, what don’t we know that Spicer knew?


Could be bad for Saturday Night Live. We will have to see who replaces Spicer. Trump should not have trouble finding someone. There are plenty of people willing to lie to become famous not to mention a good salary and benefits. There could even be a future on Fox News. So another person looking out for themselves and not the country will step up to fight the free press and spread fake news.


Scaramucci, Wall Street financier and Trump fund raiser will take his place. It will be interesting to have the principal actors on the firing line. Let the sun shine in.


Spider’s non-disclosure agreement cost the emperor a pretty penny and will continue to generate income for this “disloyal tribune.” Next up, hired gun on K-Street so he afford to pay for tailor-made business suits, shirts, and shoes…and vacations in the Bahamas, Seychelles, or Turks and Caicos with his new-found felonious friends.


I would quit that job too, interpretting everything Trump says and telling everybody that while Trump says something different. Thats one hard job


The article says that Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be the new press sec’y.


More like Wall Street mobster.


More smoke and mirrors. It’s not a communication problem that causes Trump’s self-inflicted wounds.
It’s that he’s running a criminal enterprise out of the White House. He brought it with him from New York City. And, it’s not something new, either.
This is what it looks like to put lipstick on a stolen piggy bank. David Kay Johnson on Democracy Now! said the MSM is caught in the messaging errors of the Trump Adm. and missing the message. Surprise!
President Trump is a crook, imo. And, the country has to deal with that. Or not.


"… he hopes Spicer “goes on to earn a tremendous amount of money.”

Uh Scaramucci, phuq you and the neon orange HOT WHEELS you pedaled in on!

Ever notice how the PRICTARD has to be at least 10 points ABOVE the moRons he picks to carry out his RETARDED shit?


Spicer signs on to broadcast a litany of lies from day one.

The lies aren’t just patently false, but patently absurd.

It takes him six months to get fed up.

Sean Spicer is a corrupt tool.


“What is going on in the White House”? Well gosh cognitive dissonance come to mind as press secretaries try to reconcile Trump’s ever changing grasp of reality and the ‘real’ with what the press asks and comes back with as fact. The most thankless job currently in America. An old saying of my buddies and myself was “comedy spotlight” as local news people made mistakes delivering the news.


I would be willing to bet that their healthcare package is far better than the crap the GOP is pushing in Congress. Time again for more “comedy spotlight”.


So Scaramucci said he hopes Spicer “…goes on to earn a tremendous amount of money.”

This is the only form of “success” that these jerks respect!


Yuk. Ugh. Puke. Spit. Choke. Laugh.


And she would be very easily parodied on SNL…


If Spicer had any dignity he would have resigned long ago.—But more interesting is how the “reporters” would stand up for him???


Mob. That was my first thought, too.


Notice all the sibilants (s sounds) in her name----perfect for the vicious little hissing snake she is. I hope the damn press corps grows some spine and lets that vicious wench have it.