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Spiked Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Cartoonist Speaks Out


Spiked Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Cartoonist Speaks Out

Olivia Riggio


Such editorial behavior by any party tends to produce an echo chamber rather than a legitimate forum for democratic discussion. It is but one of many plagues on our society.


“Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one.”
–(might have been A.J. Liebling, or H.L. Mencken, or someone else; quoteinvestigator.com won’t commit)


We the People must get Mr. Rogers his own paper.


I had heard that the paper was a right wing rag (like so many others) so good for him for speaking out. More reporters and employees should. Another reason for unions. In a supposedly “free” country, when you go to work and “punch in” at 9 am you lose most of your rights until you punch out. IE, my wife worked for an employer in the late 80’s & 90’s that told his employees they could not congregate with one another OUTSIDE of work. Crazy shit.


That’s yet another good reason, if we needed one, for unionization.


For as incisive, as his cartoons might appear, Rob is not necessarily an expert in censorship.
According to this article:

Rogers made clear the distinction between the editorial stifling of his views and the harsh legal action against political critics that occurs in some countries:

— [Rogers saied:] “It’s not the same as being thrown in jail in government for drawing the president. That has not happened, and that would be real censorship …”

I think he is WRONG here. There may well be distinctions in DEGREE and of authority behind it, but BOTH instances are examples of Censorship — they both artificially limit or stifle personal expression of the artist in a piece destined to to be witnessed by the Public.


Three years ago Burris’s commentary on Toledo’s neighborhoods began appearing in the Local News section–not the editorial page. The common reader response was: “who is this guy”? He was not a Toledoan. He’d been brought in from Boston, if I remember rightly. We worked his way into the community. One Sunday, I even found him standing behind me in church.

His columns ran about two years-- to no particular acclaim beyond the aforementioned “who is this guy”. Yeah, still. The column then disappeared, and reappeared in a few weeks on the editorial page with a shift in coverage and tone. And at some point in there he was named Editorial Page Director. In short order the page’s balance went rightward. Heavily so. Burris’s writing remains measured and moderate, but the page’s syndicated columnists are now 80% conservative or screedist whackadoodles.

I first came by way of this Post-Gazette furor two weeks ago from a fellow Citizens’ Climate Lobby volunteer from Pittsburgh. He had questions for me about Burris, which puzzled me since I thought Burris was a local hire. This story clears my confusion. Block obviously brought Burris in to root out genuine community perspectives. And Burris knows who butters his bread.

The Blocks, owning both the paper and the broadband service in NW Ohio, enjoy a widely detested monopolistic hand in public affairs.


Do you know of a single mainstream American newspaper that is not a “right wing rag”?

(And you’re not allowed to invoke the right-wing myth of the “liberal press,” because we all know that’s a huge canard a’ l’orange. The Republican right’s criticism of much of the MSM’s hostility towards them is simply a case of loyalty to one right wing over another.)

Even the cartoonist being railroaded here doesn’t seem to realize that in favoring Mueller over Trump he’s just cheering one rightwing faction over another.