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Spilling Ink and Spilling Blood: Fighting and Writing Against America’s Forever Wars

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/08/spilling-ink-and-spilling-blood-fighting-and-writing-against-americas-forever-wars


I started wondering about wars when Vietnam went on and on. And now, the Middle East wars go on and on.What is the point? Is there one, or is it just for corporations to make lots of money? All wars seem to do is to ruin people’s ives and to ruin the environments of so many people. It’s also very sad to have war planes fly over football games and Rose Bowl Parades—a disgusting kind of commercial to make wars seem like the movies, where the good never die, but the bad always do.
The worst part with George Bush and Cheney is that they tried to have a war without any acknowledging of dead soldiers. Trying to keep the dead out of sight-- and of course OUT OF MIND- : (


George Warmonger Bush, Ehud Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Tony Blair Witch Project, other leaders and former leaders like them and people in their administrations should be behind bars for life.


The United States Military Operation is a Killing Machine and Destroyer of the Planetary Biosphere.
Everyone who funds this, taxpayers and who works within this organization, directly as employees and the weapons-makers are to blame and are at fault, period.

The Plan:

  1. Cut the Funding by 50% each year.
  2. The Employees of the Killing Machine must resign.
  3. The Employees of the Suppliers/Weapons-Makers must stop this work.

Not only does the Military and its Offense Department destroy the environment and people directly through its weaponry such as cluster bombs, drones, ICBMs, Nuke Subs and so forth but it also destroys by destroying economies and cultures of the world, and is also the #1 Fossil-Fuel user in the world… Joe is the #2 MAGA President, well soon to be, well maybe… Isn’t Joe trying to make America Great Again…?..

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you are just worms that served and were well rewarded. now you are just looking for more rewards acting like you care for anything but your own well being. too late! there isn’t any undoing of the harm you helped perpetuate for a lifetime, loser tramps.

Book 'em, Goldleaf1. Murder One. A million counts.

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