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Spin Shift on Bernie: The Escalating Media Assault


Spin Shift on Bernie: The Escalating Media Assault

Norman Solomon

For a long time, as he campaigned for president, a wide spectrum of establishment media insisted that Bernie Sanders couldn’t win. Now they’re sounding the alarm that he might.

And, just in case you haven’t gotten the media message yet -- Sanders is “angry,” kind of like Donald Trump.


Yes, they're after you, Bernie, but remember Gandhi's words:

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."


Believe the MSM not your lying eyes.

"More than 14,000 people came to St. Paul’s RiverCentre — a third of them in an overflow crowd — for the Vermont senator’s evening speech, and earlier, about 6,000 people packed his afternoon rally at the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center." http://www.startribune.com/sanders-wows-crowds-in-duluth/366619091/#1 Duluth, population 86,000 and change.

Something is happening!


I first saw this at Democratic Underground:

Feeling the Bern in MN.


We the people know that the country is stronger when everyone is healthy and educated. We know universal health care and free education at public universities are money makers.


Brooks concern that Murka "has never elected a candidate maximally extreme from the political center" ignores the fact that Sanders' platform differs little from FDR's, JFK's and LBJ's platforms.

The problem is not Sanders' platform , the problem is that Brooks and his corporate paymasters have moved the center so far to the right during the past 40 years. Adopting the platforms of POTUS from a more progressive era is the LEAST it will take to move the center back to where it was a half century ago.


Although moderate in tone, Mr. Solomon hits most of the salient points.

This observation, in particular, is very important... and instructive:

"Elite media often blur distinctions between right-wing populism and progressive populism—as though there’s not all that much difference between appealing to xenophobia and racism on the one hand and appealing for social justice and humanistic solidarity on the other."

It would be not just refreshing, but proof that a dose of genuine Democracy was injected into the body politic if News Outlets actually explained what Fascism is and how it typically begins and contrasted that with what Europe's Social Democracies actually offer their citizens.

Instead, there's so much tossing of labels decoupled from their meanings leaving the really ignorant convinced that they know "the score."


Yesterday, Amy Goodman interviewed Josh Fox who's showing his new film at the Sundance Festival in Utah. There's a segment where he interviews a very smart young woman in China and she speaks of something more important than "money makers." It's moral imagination, a sort of doing the right thing/paying it forward coupled with the imagination to envision a world far more just and humane than the one engineered by "the money makers" along with their strong men: the militias.


This movement was not the result of some gravitational or natural force. The Koch Brothers are the owners of the 2nd largest slew of companies inside the U.S. and they have used their embarrassment of riches to fund think tanks and PR firms and legal muscle in ways that have infiltrated what passes for the nation's "serious narratives." They have essentially become so influential in who gets funded for senate/congressional runs, and who gets media face time, and who's anointed an expert in the eyes of the public, etc. that they have played a major role in pushing all things American to the extreme right.


In a nutshell...David Brooks is nothing more than a Koch puppet.


Wall Street plutocrats, and the mainstream media they own, have criticized Sanders for, among other things, his proposals to: raise taxes, raise the minimum wage, increase regulations on businesses and banks. Their critique of Sanders' proposals is that they represent poor policy and are not pragmatic and, therefore, stand no chance of being enacted.

On the other hand, Wall Street plutocrats, and the mainstream media they own, have been supportive of Hillary Clinton. They claim that she has more reasonable positions on taxes, the minimum wage, and regulations, and that her pragmatic approach will get some of this legislation passed.

Clearly, Wall Street plutocrats, and their mainstream media, would prefer no increase in tax, the minimum wage, or regulations. So, if they really think that Bernie Sanders will not be able to get any of this legislation passed and that Hillary Clinton will be able to get her, albeit more moderate, legislation passed, why are they so supportive of Clinton?


When discussing the oligarchs, FDR told us that he " welcomed their hatred". If Bernie and his base follow this mantra the oligarchs and their agents (many of them delineated in your post) will find less wind in their sails.


I'd thrown in some Louis Black to your Jon Stewart, Mr. Solomon.

Go Bernie and thanks for the article!


SNL is attacking Bernie?

I don't have that brand of TV, but that surprises me. What a shame. Another show down the drain.


Yes, it would be nice if the media did that Sioux, but the problem is their real mission is not to inform and give us doses of genuine Democracy, but to misinform and confuse.

The media's masters wish the population to believe the propaganda the media dispenses, which paints a false view of how the world works.

The true view would be more like what Noam Chomsky dispenses, which, of course, is to these manipulators, unthinkable.


Exactly so Drew, the snide obtuse attacks on Sanders from "public media" and other outlets has been infuriating. Here in NY (Clinton country) NPR has aired much questioning Bernie's electability, experience, "extremism", wisdom and more despicable undermining charges.

WNYC is complicit in this slanted viewpoint and agenda and directs the dialogue to denigrating Sanders and his actual positions and proposals while lauding Clinton. The Clinton machine here has called-in all their shills and toadies to support the "anointed one" and her quest for high office - there is no escaping the corrupt influence of big-money and special interest agenda in Hillary's forked-tongue answers and diversionary tactics in the debates. The tale is told in the words and on the faces of the Dem candidates, one speaks from the heart for the Common Good and 99%, and the other is beholden to business as usual and maintaining the power and wealth of the 1% and continued economic subjugation of the 99% - kept wage and interest slaves far into the future.......


All the insulting tirades of the MSM are just convincing me that voting for Bernie is the right ... uh, correct thing to do. Gotta wonder how many other voters are thinking the same thing. In high school my motto was: I don't care if I get positive or negative attention as long as I get ATTEN-SHUN -- I'm thinking this might be the way to go with Bernie as even negative attention is still getting his name out there! And if those of us who support him go to the news sites with the negative articles and stand up for him and tell the REAL story we might just do our part to convince many more people to vote for him.


While I am sure they think themselves wise, erudite, judicious, and fair, Mara Liasson and the rest of NPR's talkers are at best myopic in their obeisance to the corporate power that sustains them, unable or unwilling to look outside the beltway boxes they live and work within and Bernie Sanders threatens to take them out of their comfort zones. As a local/regional host of an NPR affiliate I am often ashamed and embarrassed to be a vehicle for their toadying cowardice masked as more fair and balanced than Murdoch's mockery of the language. Instead of staying on their obviously tight scripts, NPR should be, in the words of Bill Moyers "telling what they know." (Or do I presume too much? Maybe they are as stupid as they sometimes sound when I find myself shouting at the radio.) NPR hasn't been a comforting confidant and companion since they unceremoniously jettisoned Bob Edwards and then further eliminated any opportunity to hear the voice of the people by dumping Talk Of The Nation. Were it not for Democracy Now and guests on non-NPR programs like Fresh Air and On Point (in addition to those on regional and state non-commercial radio), public radio would be but pablum for the proles, with not even the occasional bite of a shot of Victory Gin.


I will never forget when Bill Clinton was talking about health care upon taking office, Cokie on one of those CPB round table discussions dismissed, out of hand, single payer or medicare for all, and that was the end of the conversation. For those who do not know, Cokie is the daughter of the late Hal Boggs, one of the most conservative Democrats in the House, her brother is one of the most influential lobbyists in D.C.


Fox News ignored Bernie as a "political joke" and now they are laughing at Bernie saying: " no one that is a socialist can expect to be a serious candidate for POTUS". When Faux News starts demonizing Bernie and smearing Bernie, you will know Bernie is getting close to winning!