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Spiritually Rudderless


Spiritually Rudderless

Robert C. Koehler

Another deep cry, followed by a shrug. The world is at war, at war, at war. But it only hurts them, the helpless ones, the anonymous poor, who absorb the bombs and bullets, who bury their children, who flee their broken countries.

Sixty million people have been displaced by the current wars, the highest number of uprooted since World War II. But who cares?

“In the face of blatant inhumanity, the world has responded with disturbing paralysis.”


"Stir in economic interests — the force called money — and the pot really starts to boil. The interests of money transcend national borders. Its agents and stewards, the global corporatocracy, serve only the interests of economic growth, which has even fewer moral constraints than nationalism. Unchecked economic growth is tantamount to the consumption of the planet, not just physically (using up its resources, ravaging the environment), but culturally and spiritually as well."

And hence, TPP.


There is no reason for the world to be morally inept; the sacred scripture of every religion worldwide contains the Golden Rule. If each culture wished for others what they wish for themselves, this world would be a much better place.


There is such a thing as Disaster Overload and it causes people to shut down.

Millions of people believe in End Times. They think "god" is putting an end to a wicked world. Religious delusion replaces any understanding of the merger between politics (governments) and corporations, including the big banks. This merger has caused billions of people into misery, eking out a living in lands that are increasingly being taken over by mining corporations and lethal agricultural entities like Monsanto, or fighting for survival amid inflamed conflicts.

A quake hits Southeast Asia causing a quarter million persons to die. Fukushima is hit by a tidal wave that causes thousands to evacuate. War zones spanning from Iraq to Afghanistan cause a massive wave of refugees. Massive cyclone after massive cyclone impacts the Philippines and South China, and this past week, ones hit both Mexico and Yemen. Add in the fires, droughts, and financial instability brought on by senseless wars and millions upon millions of persons are displaced.

Typically, after one tragedy I will send money to UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders, or another charity. What results is that I end up with monthly mailings from close to 28 OTHER organizations all asking for donations.

There are so many good & just causes and so many people in need, but helping on a small scale is like watering a desert. Until the top-down systems that allow 1% of the world's people to own more than half its assets, and this massive centralization of wealth stops dictating global policies from trade wars to actual wars, PAIN remains at a level unprecedented since W.W I and W.W. II.

Add in the basic difficulties of life--aging parents, health problems, Depression, trying to maintain a modicum of comfort in an economy deliberately engineered to privilege the already-privileged, and people lose hope. They do LIVE quiet lives of desperation.

In the U.S. the weekly shootings that have become norms, the police brutality that would be normalized were it not for "Black Lives Matter," and the karmic blow-back of foreign wars mar the collective psyche.

Human beings are being CONDITIONED--and the "War on terror" (largely consisting OF spreading terrors) is a major player in it--to see brutality AS the norm. And what this does is shut the psyche down. It's mass trauma done on so regular a basis as to turn a sizable segment of many nations' people into hypnotized drones.

This is known--that is, that trauma induces mind control--and being done in very real ways to cull the population.

Some time ago I commented that I'd lost far too many friends who were aged from 50-65 and that based on this, I thought the Social Security projections should be amended. This past week it was in the news that more people ARE dying who come from this demographic.

If 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women are expected to succumb to Cancer, that in and of itself suggests diminished lifespans.

When too many houses of religion--arguably the force that should serve as the spiritual bulwark against war and aggression--instead sound like sports teams vying FOR (holy) war, a dangerous inversion has taken hold.

The numbing of the population results from constant trauma, growing financial uncertainties, the compromised message emanating from too many religious institutions, corrupt political powers, and those corporations that WANT war (along with a war on nature: continuous rape & plunder of natural world assets) and the propagandized messages that people receive (and respond to) relayed through Corporately owned mass media channels.

BUT... many ARE awakening. Still, the crises are phenomenal and like waves at high tide, just keep rolling in and over those both asleep and awake.


In short... events emanating from the natural world, the political stage, and basic economics ARE overwhelming; and when people feel overwhelmed--from a Trauma Overload--they shut down. Some act, and those that do are often punished for their courage.

Some sign of shift is emerging as the political pendulum is swinging back to interests truly reflective of those that favor The People.


Thank you, Robert, for picking up on the UN and IRC Messages - I've seen only two others mentioning them, nobody else did! That ties in with your title - Spiritually Rudderless - the world is drifting towards Armageddon, but not the one hoped for by the "believers" but the one brought on by our fearless leaders. And we are being sucked along with it. I hope that Sioux Rose's belief in the happening of a shift of consciousness right now will be proven right.


This article needs to mention that nothing has fed the global consumer monoculture and also disabled human solidarity like the internet-enabled "portable electronic device". Even when humans are in the same room for a specific purpose, most will be staring at their little screens.


The sacred scriptures of all major religions are indeed similar in more aspects than different. Unfortunately mankind has decided to fight over whose religion is right and whose religion is wrong. It happens as we speak. This time between Muslims and Christians. Frank Graham thinks that Islam is evil and a religion of Satan. Many fanatical Muslims believe that Christianity is evil and only the Koran counts.

On the other side we have a large group of secularists who believe that all religions are total hogwash and have made a religion out of that believe.

It is no wonder than that between the fighting of all the different groups mankind has fallen into a total spiritual rudderlessness.


Saw this the other day and added it to my pile "morality is not about judging others' behavior , its about how you conduct yourself" kind of golden rule ish .....


Forgive me for being skeptical, but just exactly what signs of shift do you see emerging?


Anyone who'd apply the concept (or actuality) of fighting TO religion hardly understands what religion is intended to teach: Grace, respect for life, tolerance of differences, the sense that Creator is present in all living forms (as in: Namaste).

You sound like a kid in the military who can only view the world through the sports--teams prism and carries that frame over into how you think of religion itself.


Sanders here attracting huge crowds.
Jeremy Corbyn in U.K.
Trudeau in Canada.

Cowboy-Indian alliance to thwart Big Oil.

Exxon's lies and obfuscation about global warming exposed.

The lies that led to the Middle East wars known by many.

The secretive nature of the TPP known to many.

Groups fighting for a fair minimum wage.
Groups fighting to keep public schools open.
Groups fighting for Black Lives TO Matter
Groups exposing Monsanto.
Groups exposing Big Pharma.
Groups exposing the dangers attendant upon eating meat
Groups divesting of oil investments.

There's LOTS of signs of raised consciousness.

Also--Spain's Indignados, Canada's "Idle No More," U.S. prior Occupy Wall Street, attempts at greater liberty expressed through massive crowds throughout the Middle East, Chile, Spain and elsewhere.

Those who only think of life as a sporting event--where only what matters is the team with the bigger score--cannot fathom how much change and shift IS going on.

And is it possible that you don't notice the force with which Mother Nature is issuing wake-up calls?

When three years of rainfall fall in a day (Yemen), when the worst fires in a century *(California), or worst floods in 1000 years (South Carolina) suddenly emerge... people look very differently upon this thing called life.


Yes, I notice the wake-up calls from Mother Nature. But I also notice with dismay how those calls continue to be ignored by most.

Yes, I notice the huge crowds Sanders attracts. I've been in them. But until we see evidence that those crowds will actually come out and vote, my optimism is tempered.

Yes, the secretive nature of the TPP is known to many. But many more really don't give a shit.

I could go on.

Hopeful signs? Maybe.

I'm waiting for actual change.


"America the Beautiful", a 501(c)(3) not for profit that unifies the American people. Our motto is: WE TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN, a 100% volunteer organization.

President, Robert (Bo) S. Forrey, BA, MA, PhD candidate, government/Cut Bank, Montana, the Treasure State.


despite all humanity's genius, there is a God and He will have the final say, our words and actions are meaningless in the face of a holy God, say what you want, one day you and your maker WILL meet face to face, this life is temporal and mankind is depraved, which part do you not understand?

-hellcat/Montana/the "Treasure State"


Yes, and before that it was the television....


The people you mentioned in your post just might save the rich from themselves.


Robert Koehler channels the high lama in James Hilton's Lost Horizon:

"Look at the world today. Is there anything more pitiful? What madness there is! What blindness! What unintelligent leadership! A scurrying mass of bewildered humanity, crashing headlong against each other, propelled by an orgy of greed and brutality."

It's hard, very hard, to be optimistic about the future.


Television, or for that matter a desktop or laptop PC, requires you to be at home or an office and not engaged in anything else. But the sheer portability and battery-life duration of smartphones is throwing a whole new frightening dimension to the problem - be it restaurants, bars, the bus or subway, cars, even family and social gatherings, I find the way so many poeple are in a state of glazed-eye absorption to some kind of commercial crap on that little screen is scary.


I agree-
What I found somewhat annoying was while traveling and in airports people walking about talking into their phones adorned with earbuds- Some clown walking by himself, right beside you talking- It took me A while to even come close to getting used to that....