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'Spitting in the Eye of Transparency,' Govt Reveals Just 22 Mar-a-Lago Visitors


'Spitting in the Eye of Transparency,' Govt Reveals Just 22 Mar-a-Lago Visitors

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"See you in court, Mr. President," a watchdog group warned on Friday, after the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released just two pages of Mar-a-Lago visitor records.


Are we up to lie #2000 yet?


Could this be all the visitors? Maybe Mar a Lago isn’t very popular – there is that sinkhole…


Transparency? ETHICS!? we don’t need no stinkin ethics!


Is that 22 an hour or 22 a day??? What a nasty piece of work this POTUS (and his trash tribe) is/are!


The visitor’s record law specifically states that multiple felons are exempt from complying. So, 22 it is.


For how long have we not held corruption and not following the rules accountable except for Clinton in the 90’s. If this was a democrat can you imagine the uproar. I think it is about time we use the 3 branches of government for accountability as it was suppose to do.

This is outrageous but dems just sit by quietly but I guess that happens when we elect a majority in all three branches.

The dems don’t have backbone.


“The Dems don’t have backbones.”

Julie, the sooner the masses realize that neither party of the Duopoly has the majority of Americans welfare as their main reason for public service, the better.

The crumbs they throw us is an insult.

The top 1% must get only 1% of any benefits our government dispenses.

The remaining 99% must receive the remaining 99%.

This must be legislated and put into law.

Vote Green Party and never again support Empire and the Murderous MIC of which the Duopoly has been their “Bitch” for decades.


You can always tell when Donald Trump lies. He moves his lips. What can you say but Trump is a sociopath con artist that is a sexist and racist. In no way, shape or form should Trump be in the White House.


In Kenya, the election was ruled suspect and a new election ordered. The moment, it was known that the Russians were interfering with the Tiny Fingered Vulgarians win, the election should have been voided and redone. Same with the Bush-Gore election. If Kenya can do it, why not the “most democratic” nation in the world? Accepting suspect results “for the good of the country” is bullshit.


Donald Trump, " just trust me".


Most disturbing - and NEVER discussed - is that this entire administration is trying to SET PRECEDENTS. Sometimes referred to ‘normalization’ of patterns and practices, we have at least two consideration:
1 - this abuser is not the first, he indeed rides coattails just like his predecessors and since the establishment of the Federal Reserve, we have what finally became chestnut admonition: FOLLOW THE MONEY

  1. As “A Duty to Warn” and the Dangerous Case of Donald Trump opens onto the professional opinion of doctors, we are (not yet) dealing with a sociopath whose portfolio excludes all but the most sociopathic precedents in the history of the office he holds (hostage).

The elite who drive the system, which is in the process of consuming itself, have entered and are now doubling down on a profoundly destructive feedback loop.

And they claim social programs - erroneously referred to as “socialism” is bad? Whaahahahahaha !!!

Gotta keep your sense of humour


" The dems. don’t have backbones."

One wonders how long before the majority of good and well meaning people in the Democratic Party, wake up and realize they have been conned by the fake opposition party that is really the left wing of the Congressional war party and is nothing but the great pretenders, to being the people’s party,


Ask Julie Chen (CBS) “It is classified”. You can’t have,even a semblance of a Democracy based on secrets, nor the lack of synergy and inclusiveness. We are well on our was to a caste system.


So much more concerned about him impulsively starting military operations and being, “Commander in chief.” The govt expects unethical financial behavior from its employees and budgets for it. He is a rolling mist.


Unfortunately, the guest log was accidentally left out at the valet shed, and it was lost during Irene. What to do?


A new product on the market - perfect for expressing your political and social opinion - how transparent is that?..


The lack of transparency - nay, the thorough corruption, where denying justice and democracy is fully enshrined and empowered. Normalized deviance becomes deviance irrationally constructed, largely unnoticed, enabled, dominating, impervious to voter regulation - just normal everyday life that needs no explanation, justification or remedial action. This is it’s almost absolute power.
Nothing to get upset about here, right?