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Split This Rock: Beat Their Guns Into Poems

Split This Rock: Beat Their Guns Into Poems

Seeking to add "a tapestry of voices” to the dialogue, socially active poets held an anti-gun poetry slam before joining thousands of D.C. kids at Friday's National School Walkout. About two dozen people each added one line to the piece "Longer Than A Gun" - “Our hearts are less fragile than the nothingness that pulls the trigger” - to remind listeners, "We’re not talking about policy - we’re talking about people who get up every morning and treasure one another.”

Yes, poems not guns. After we’re long gone, the story should be that some humans were viable and decent animals.

Love vs the gun industry.

I have never owned a gun. It is one of the most unbalanced expressions of the human capacity to measure the movement of something through time and space. It is the material version of language. Because they kill, and because we are all integrated parts of the living planet, to maim, much less kill with a gun is to internalize that experience in ways a gun society will never allow you to express. Ask any soldier who has had to work on the healing of that injury.


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