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Spoiler Alert: Love Wins

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/08/18/spoiler-alert-love-wins

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My favorite—the man with the sign reminding people of 2 big wars and that those who want to fight are 0 for 2. However, having unicorns wander around a park is also nice: ) Plus police , I love how you controlled the bridges to keep the wanna be-terrorists at bay. : ) Nice job Portland!

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Curious; who are you calling the “wanna-be terrorists”?

Trump wants to label the anti-Nazi’s as a terrorist organization and that tells me that they our getting to the fascists. Keep up the good work anti-fascists …

Hi Younger, the ones that came to town to start a fight, or a war----: (
The ones that the police detoured to another bridge. : )

Spent my morning and early afternoon watching the live feed from PDX. A branch of the Dope Squad were here in EUG the previous weekend. They too were impressive. I know that this isn’t PC but can we please call the tiny mini buses, used to escape their self-made mayhem, what they are. They are SHORT BUSES! Sorry ahead of time, for any offense. Peace.

Mine were the chefs holding banners reading WHITE FLOUR!! Ah, Portland, you never fail.