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'Spoiler: Because Australia Has Universal Healthcare': Watch Ocasio-Cortez Ask Pharma CEO Why HIV Drug Costs $8 Overseas But $1,780 in the US

'Spoiler: Because Australia Has Universal Healthcare': Watch Ocasio-Cortez Ask Pharma CEO Why HIV Drug Costs $8 Overseas But $1,780 in the US

Jake Johnson, staff writer

During a House hearing on Thursday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez asked the CEO of one of America's largest pharmaceutical companies a simple but crucial question: Why does a life-saving HIV drug that costs $8 a month in Australia have a $2,000 price tag in the U.S.?

Gilead chief executive Daniel O'Day declined to comment on the low price of Truvada for PrEP in Australia, but said the reason the cost is close to $2,000—"the current list price is $1,780," he said—in the United States is because the drug has "patent protection."


Johnson sez:
“The U.S. government patented the treatment in 2015, according to the Post, but has ‘opted not to file an infringement suit to enforce’ the patent …”

Damn Trump administration.

Oh, wait …


More bright young women in Congress, Stat!


Yep. As despicable as the idiot Trump is, Obama was so beholden to Wall St. and corporations that he allowed that kind of CORPORATE COLLUSION to go on unchecked.

In his 2008 campaign for President, Obama got more campaign $$$ from Wall St. Banksters than did his opponent, John McCain. Obama returned the favor after the election by not prosecuting any of the Wall St. Fraudsters, telling them he was all that stood between them and the pitchforks. Then he increased the bailout of those Big Banks from Bush II’s despicable bailout, while not doing nearly enough to bail out Main Street.

Wall St. and corporations run the U.S. oligarchy, with the Pentagon as the enforcement goons and thugs for the Empire’s corporate parasites.


One young lady against the Iron Heel:



These squalid pharma sharks are the lowest of the low.


Excellent question - very poor response. This is another gut issue that be must emphasized in coming elections because Americans can identify with the great American pharmaceutical rip off. Americans die because of this uncontrolled greed.




Is it legal for Americans who need the drug to buy it from Australia Could Australia sell it? Otherwise it seems like legalized murder when drug companies profit and Americans die from lack of affordable drugs. If corporations are people, why can’t they be charged with murder? : (


Asking at a public hearing is pretty cool. But searching online will actually get you an answer. It’s cheaper in Australia because the government (i.e the Australian taxpayer) subsidizes it.

There’s nothing nefarious on the part of the manufacturer. They prolly sell it at the same price to the Australian government who then decides to sell it at a lower price.

If Americans would be willing to pay more taxes we would get free healthcare and cheap medicine too.


Couldnt they just bring it over the “wall” from mexico? (Hey whatever happened to the “wall”?)

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This kid has a future!!!
I already want to vote for her for Prez!
8 years of Bernie then 8 of AOC we might just make it.


Why does a life-saving HIV drug that costs $8 a month in Australia have a $2,000 price tag in the U.S.? There is only one reason for this. Rich people are making a lot of money off of poor, and sick people. Catholicism the big bad boggy man, not socialism.


Hi wngsofadove: That could work ------ if we could find some honest drug handlers in Mexico, because once a drug becomes popular the fake ones show up right on schedule too. That would be awful—so maybe if we could work out a trade deal with them, since Trumps’ trade deals are going whacko! And listen, if Trump through he could make money selling Australias pills here, he’d be on it in a "New York minute! " Good idea. : )


Barrack Really let us down When he had a chance to still up a lot of shi- !

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Because the corporations who own the factories that manufacture the drug also own, along with their henchmen on Wall Street and in the Insurance racket, 99.44% of the U.S. Congress.

Corporations are NOT “people” — they are Conspiracies.


I can only take the atrocities of the healthcare industry in small doses lest my brain explodes in magnificent fashion. We fund these drugs and are then screwed royally by the manufacturers. One of my inhalers is a generic drug but the maker of the inhaler charges around 300 bucks without my Medicare. It still costs me 30 bucks today. 7 years ago it was free. So what’s going on besides Congress participating in the robbery of all Americans?


Before Trump destroyed America’s relationship with Mexico, Americans on the southern border would just simply cross the border, such as Tijuana, to get their prescriptions filled have lunch then cross back to America.


If we still have elections in 2024 instead of that orange-haired idiot installed as president for life, AOC will be of age to run. And I will campaign for her.


The reason for the high prices in the USA is not because it subsidized in Australia. It because the Government in the USA passes legislation to protect those high prices. This has NOTHING to do with a “free market”

The Drug Companies can still turn a profit with a much lower price for that drug. They CHOOSE not to and have in their corner the US Government ensuring that they can charge whtever they feel like charging.