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Spotlighting Cruelty of Trump's Muslim Ban, World Embraces #BannedGrandmas


Spotlighting Cruelty of Trump's Muslim Ban, World Embraces #BannedGrandmas

Jake Johnson, staff writer

An attempt by the Trump administration to single out grandparents as it seeks to impose a controversial travel ban is hitting a snag: people love their grandparents.

When the Supreme Court partially reinstated President Donald Trump's travel ban last month, it included in its ruling an exemption for those who have "a bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States."


Person or "entity"...WTF, living-breathing-loving humans are now reduced to being "entities?" Such is the deep, dark, demonic world of DJT and his henchmen. Families are rent asunder, refugees are cast off to die while seeking lives without war and filled with peace, comfort, and joy but the Mango Mamba (venomous snake) could give a S- - t....the demonic despot has spoken and his word is law (so it seems).


From "Mic" 1/31/17:
"On Friday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order banning travel from seven predominantly Muslim countries. Under Trump's Muslim ban, refugees from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia are barred from entering the United States for at least 120 days. Immigrants and nonimmigrants (visitors) from those countries are unable to enter for 90 days."

Come on CD, the original order called for a temporary, as in 'lasting for a limited period of time; not permanent', ban to get a handle on who is coming into our country. I've always viewed you as one of the more insightful progressive sites but then you headline with this? Sheesh...


That the party of "family values" doesn't consider grandkids and grandparents to be part of their family says all you need to know about what sort of POS they are.


Do you really think that they will be allowed to enter after the time period is up?


Vile stinking nationalist bastards. Leave the people alone. They're here for the same reasons we all are. Picking on grandmothers. Now that's real American flag-waving scum. How distastefully low can you go?