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Spreading 'Like Wildfire': Majority of Americans—Including 74% of Democrats—Now Support Single-Payer


Spreading 'Like Wildfire': Majority of Americans—Including 74% of Democrats—Now Support Single-Payer

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"Five years ago, could you have believed that half of Americans would agree we need a single-payer healthcare system?"


I have “single-payer” and it is also called “V.A. Health CARE”. I am extremely grateful and wish the program on ALL Americans! (Well, except, maybe those who ALREADY have it–in D.C.–yet keep the rest of Americans enslaved in debt from doctor visits or shackling “We the People” to heath INSURANCE THIEVES!)

**P.S. Single-payer, by definition, is the ONLY true health INSURANCE plan. You can be ASSURED that when you get sick, you WILL BE TREATED!!!


From the article:

“The American people know that healthcare should be a right.”

I suggest reframing that statement, thus:

“The American people have agreed that providing health care to all, using government as intermediary, is the fairest way to achieve and maintain a healthy society.”


If “Democrats” are so supportive, why is it that whenever it’s time to demand single payer, we are stuck ‘saving and improving’ Romney/OBCare because single payer is unrealistic, impractical, radical, blah, blah, blah…?

Take this poll and shove it!

And remember that the current ‘Medicare for All’ plan that Dem politicians - including Sanders - support is a watered-down phase-in plan that lacks the courage to tax the rich to pay for it.


Agreed, Tom. Just more propaganda pretending the Damnocrats give a rat’s hiney about the American peoples’ health over THEIR desire for the bribe money from the health INSURANCE–NOT CARE–INDUSTRY!!!


Healthcare, “not” Insurance Coverage, will Transform this country.

Healthcare, including yearly Mental Health exams for every single American will be the beginning of the Equality For All movement.


Q: When does the majority of Americans matter when it come to the oligarch owned Government?
A: It doesn’t.
The so-called democracy in the US is nothing but a fraud. A lie. A misdirection to keep the idiot citizens in line, obeying like sheep as they go to the polls to be slaughtered. It is a plutocracy in the US. Nothing short of a revolution of massive general strikes and boycotts have any chance of change. And in my opinion it is already way too late for those things now to have a chance. The citizens happily went along with the corporations as they continued to buy and produce their goods, handing the keys to the nation over to them a long time ago. And the corporate oligarchs won’t be giving them back without a hell of a fight as they now own and control the military and police in the US to say nothing of their puppet politicians (both D’s and R’s). Nothing will change by going to the voting booths and pulling the levers for your own demise.


Serial fake news that there is “gridlock” or “a divide in Washington DC” applies only when legislation benefiting the 99% is considered. DC politicians are on the same page and expedite legislation benefiting the 1%, irrespective of what popular opinion may be. Politicians have no fear of voters as long as those politicians have a K Street gig with their name on it that pays millions of dollars per year when they retire or lose an election.

When I was young i wondered why so few Murkins vote. Watching DC politicians for more than a half century, I now wonder why so many Murkins DO vote.


Only if you don’t bother to vote. We have the power to change everything.


Only 75% of Democrats? Eliminate employer and government financed healthcare and see how the numbers change and who perks up.


not by voting, you don’t. if all I give you is french vanilla or vanilla bean every year, you’re gettin’ vanilla whether you like it or not.

whatever power the people have is contingent on recognizing the voting con for what it is first. and I’ve lived more than a half century so far without seeing enough of that, although people are getting clued in faster these days. it’s now down to a solid minority of the delusional who still think this system can work every 2 years. everyone else has it figured out.


I see you still believe the LIE that voting means a fucking thing! Did you not learn anything from the Damnocrat primary?!

“If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.”
― Mark Twain


Until we put in place a government that truly represents the people, we can dream and want all kinds of things but it is never going to happen. This has been going on from the beginning of the republic - elitists who control the economy and government care less about what the people want - they care about protecting their wealth and investments whether it be slavery or the military industrial complex or the insurance game. These people are shrewd, rich and ruthless. Can we put them in check?


I think the US is very much like Japan when in was an empire in WWII. the people go along with the system/the plan without too much complaint. Then they love to go out of their country and brutalize other people. they take out the aggression that should be placed against their own government and leaders and instead brutalize people in other countries -or people they perceive to be different in some way. We are always focused on someone else - Sadaam Hussein, Assad or Khadaffi when we should be focusing on our own leaders who are our real problem.


Yup, if the Dems were an opposition party that 75% would be closer to 100%. I am advocating a national, coordinated letter and opinion pieces for local media to educate the general public on HR 676, true single payer.


That’s a great idea. How is it being organized?


I can’t get VA because in the run-up to the Iraq war in 2001 the Republican Congress decided that they should cut money to the VA to help pay for the war. They started means testing and since my wife made too much money ($24k+ at the time), I was ineligible even though I was a combat veteran. Since at the time I had lost my company provided insurance and had a pre-existing condition, I was uninsurable. Cobra was not a player as that would have cost $1500 per month for just me. When I asked VA what I should do, they suggested I get a divorce. So much for Republican family values. When people thank me for my service it really pisses me off. If they really gave a shit, they would fund the VA to where all vets would have health care.

One last note, if I had signed up for VA medical when I first got out, I would have been grandfathered in, but as I didn’t need it, I didn’t sign up. Meanwhile my uncle who was a Korean era veteran has been getting VA medical for 66 years even though he was only in for 18 months and never went overseas.


VA Healthcare or Tri-care is Universal Health Care and is NOT single payer. Medicare and Medicaid IS single payer. There is a big difference.


That is basically what HR 676 does along with a few other things.


Its deja vu all over again. I’ve heard Liberals say single payer is gaining steam and all this, but then they give us Obama/Romney care.

With Liberals like that who needs conservatives?