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Spy Agency's Secret Plans to Foster Online "Conformity" and "Obedience" Exposed


Spy Agency's Secret Plans to Foster Online "Conformity" and "Obedience" Exposed

Jon Queally, staff writer

With never-before-seen documents accompanied by new reporting on Monday, The Intercept's Glenn Greenwald and Andrew Fishman are offering a more in-depth look than ever into how a secretive unit of the UK's GCHQ surveillance agency used a host of psychological methods and online subterfuge in order to manipulate the behavior of individuals and groups through the internet and other digital forms of communication.


Warfare is morphing from killing the body to killing the mind. Bernays and Lippman laid the groundwork for the modern age. It has become a master art, but really it is just bread and circuses. As Twain said, “history doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.”


Ok, that is the most creepy Orwellian thing I have read lately.


Ironically just reading this article creates the atmosphere that the NSA wants.


The land of the free and the home of the brave. Hah!


Anyone who’d like to read about an earlier incarnation, but in the US, should go back and read the Church Committee transcripts anent COINTELPRO. Same-same.

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.


“Threatening or 'politically radical”?
“Threatening or 'politically radical”?
~ ~ ~
WHAT could be more threatening or politically radical than this project these folks are perpetrating against the people of their nation and the world?
• as though THEY had the exclusive right to know about every group and movement and manipulate it to THEIR “understanding” of “How Things Should Be”?
— Is this the “new Royalty”? Unquestioned and unlimited dominion over the entire community? Freedom to manipulate and distort whatever they wish, with a mandate to skew knowledge and opinions of All Reality to suit THEIR desires?



Is this why we have so many mass murderers are they just manipulated or gently accidentally pushed over the top by internet mind games…


Develop and deploy a complex series of “dirty tricks,” “propaganda,” and “false flag” operations…pushing veiled propaganda onto social networks, and generally warping discourse online…

You ever notice the common trolls that inhabit this forum. Periodically they reappear under a new name, but they are clearly recognizable via their Modus operandi.

They adopt such naive and extreme positions that favor the entrenched power order, that it seems as if their comment thread was specifically designed to obfuscate the discourse.

Just following orders…I guess


Truth Will Set You Free…always worked for us…
It strengthened Heart Mind and Body.

Course a lot of people got taken out of the conversation under rather auspicious circumstances. So speak your piece, but know where you line of retreat is as well.
We need you to live and fight another day. That is how American Revolution is won.


Edward Bernays never died


No wonder the bulk of our local, city, state and federal budgets are allocated to hiring more police to terrorize the people, building more prisons and privatizing all publicly owned and paid for assets. Assets such as post office buildings, city, state and federally owned properties, land and other assets worth 10’s of trillions of dollars. They “the elite” thieves want to pacify the people so the burgling can go on indefinitely.


You know what one of the SADDEST and SICKEST parts of all this is?
“These folks” who claim to be out to “protect” us, are really out to protect a specific way of life that benefits their benfactors, that of one never-ending private profit, and damn the consequences
– -- – -- .
• The story goes that freedom & democracy are best epitomized by the Free Market where Progress is the Result of a free and collective decision to reach for the best, so the people are always participating in finding The Best Solution through their Preferences.
— SO,
If the BEST is always the Winner in the Marketplace … ,
• WHY must they Distort Public Perception???
• Why do they feel they must Distort and Falsify our Impressions?

… by their own admission, therefore, the “marketplace” theory does NOT work — at least not to THEIR satisfaction, and must be “helped along.”
— So they DO NOT EVEN BELIEVE in their own hyped propaganda!
— They feel they must distort or destroy any contrary thinking or opinion, lest it have … an Effect.
— The only “Effects” allowed are their own.
— It is the Marketing Arm of Domination: necessary for Big Brother to be accepted.


Mind Manipulation/Control of the Masses.


“JTRIG memo that describes in detail how the elite unit developed, maintained, and apparently sought to expand its “scientific and psychological research into how human thinking and behavior can be influenced” in order to increase its ability to “manipulate public opinion” via online tools like email, social media, video, discussion forums, and other platforms.”

PRECISELY this protocol has been on-going on this site’s message threads for 8+ years and I have been documenting it.

Anyone who pushes ideas that are mystical, spiritual, feminist, a challenge to official narratives–particularly the 911 fiction, a challenge to memes preferred by the MSM and its corporate sponsors, or presents holistic views of events rather than simplistic black-white frames and explanations IS targeted.


These days it’s usually the govt. paid agent provocateurs who show the most enthusiasm about “fighting back.” Since the only methodology they identify with is force, it would not occur to them that evolution can shift things where revolution tends to replace the former set of martial baboons with a new set.


You two soldier boys are so adorable… feigning these revolutionary ideals. It’s fun to watch you use your own exposure to turn the spotlight onto others.


Confusion, discord, enmity between peoples of the earth…these things have always been fomented by those in power. If you are confused, you are too unbalanced to be effective or think straight.

As for me…I hold my sanity together by a fragile cord. I continually seek the core of “myself” and try to hold steady my perception of reality. Being tossed to and fro can only lend to the confusion perpetrated upon my mind, body, soul, and spirit by that element that would wish to control me.

It’s hard to stay centered in this crazy world. It’s harder still to listen to the silence. There’s so much static; so much disruption of the quiet places. I’m sure that’s the goal of those who would wish us to be their slaves. The ultimate “power over” is to kill the spirit.


There is an important role for civil disobedience and militant non-violence.

It seems that those most willing to throw rocks and bash windows are the first to run and leave innocents in their wake to suffer the official blow back. Most of those espousing revolutionary violence are no doubt agents provocateur working to develop databases full of those who sympathize with their aggressive martial tactics.

You, my friend, hit the nail on the head when you confront these revolutionary posers. Thanks for being there to confront the bastards! We never sleep and we never forget!


Information can be a step towards action.