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s'Resistance is Courage': Author and Climate Warrior Offers Thoughts on Struggle Ahead


s'Resistance is Courage': Author and Climate Warrior Offers Thoughts on Struggle Ahead

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Like many environmentalists grappling with the implications of a Donald Trump presidency, Terry Tempest Williams said she is in "mourning."

But on Thursday, as she and her husband, Brooke Williams, re-asserted their right to preserve federal land won at auction, the acclaimed author and conservationist offered this message of encouragement for the future: "Resistance is our courage."


"For now, I do not feel like unity is what is called for.

Resistance is our courage. "

How true. We need to accept what has happened but nothing should compel us to tolerate it and if this makes us 'divisive' so be it. Courage is contagious.


TTW. A graceful author, staunch environmentalist and friend to Edward Abbey.

"A true conservative must necessarily be a conservationist."--Abbey


I applaud her efforts on behalf of the land and it's occupants.

And her lyrical and poetic words. I resonate with that love for the natural world and that celebration of beauty.

"Let us trust that what is required of us next will become clear in time."

Amen to that.


TTW's words are stimulating and humble, Abbey was not at all 'graceful' but entirely effective and grandpa to the resistance. Effective and humble, two sides of the same coin. "Earth First"


Beautiful words from Terry Tempest Williams. Like the brave, Native American, climate, warriors at Standing Rock we all have to become climate warriors and resist the devastation of our planet. And I do not know if many are aware that this generation is probably the last resort to save the planet because it may be too late for the next generation to reverse climate change. Trump has denied climate change is a dangerous threat to all life on this planet and if that does not make you mourn; nothing will!


Something like 16 of the last 19 years have been the hottest since records began. I am of the opinion, that our extinction is unavoidable. Read these sobering reports:

Between April to May of 2015,
a heat wave occurred in India, killing more than 2200 people in that
country's different geographical regions. Daytime temperatures hovered
between 45 and 47 ℃ (113-116 F) in parts of two states over the weekend,
3-7 ℃ (5-12F) above normal. Andhra Pradesh was hardest hit, with 1,636
people dying from the heat since mid-April, a government statement said.
A further 561 people have died in neighboring Telangana, said Sada
Bhargavi, a state disaster management commissioner.[45]Starting 20–21 June 2015, a severe heat wave has killed more than 2500 people in Karachi, Pakistan.[46]Between June 22 - July 3, 2015, in Portland, Oregon a heat wave occurred with temperatures ranging between 92-100 degrees Fahrenheit.[citation needed]Between June 19-June 26, 2015, a heat wave occurred in the Lower Mainland, specifically the Metro Vancouver region, with temperatures hitting the low and mid-thirties.Between June 30 -July 5, 2015, a heat wave, brought upon by a Spanish plume, occurred in Western Europe, which pushed hot temperatures from Morocco to Paris into the 40s. Temperatures in the Netherlands reached 30-38 degrees Celsius.[47]In August 2015, a heat wave affected much of the Middle East causing almost a hundred deaths in Egypt.[48] Temperatures reached above 50 C in Iraq and Qatar.[48]During June 2016, record heat appeared in Arizona, southern Nevada, and southern California. Burbank, California reached 111 °F, Phoenix, Arizona reached 118 °F, Yuma, Arizona reached 120 °F and Tucson, Arizona reached 115 °F, its warmest temperature in more than 20 years, on June 19. Riverside, California reached 114 °F, Palm Springs, California reached 122 °F, Las Vegas, Nevada reached 115 °F, Death Valley reached 126 °F, Needles, California tied its all-time record high of 125 °F while Blythe, California set a new all-time record high of 124 °F on June 20.[49][50][51]In July 2016, Mitribah, Kuwait reached 129.2 °F (54 °C) and Basra, Iraq
reached 129 °F (53.9 °C). These are the highest temperatures ever
recorded in the Eastern Hemisphere and on planet Earth outside of Death

BBC was reporting 60 degrees C a few years ago in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. I have seen references to 133 degrees F in the Mid-East (non-official.)

But more disconcerting are the weather underground's repeated determinations that the water column is frequently hot (90F) all the way down, meaning the atmosphere can no longer pass it's heat off to the oceans, like it has for millennia.

For most of Earth's history the Atmosphere was much hotter: 22degrees C global average (It was only 15C a few years ago, for a standard average ISA day.) 2016 we are something like 1.2 to 1.6 above baseline.

Click here to enlarge Earth temp history:

Anything above 22C correlates with global mass extinctions we can see in ice cores, sea sediment samples and tree ring data.


Well said. Desert Solitaire is certainly a graceful work, and I would say The Fool's Progress too.

At times he makes literary love with his words, and others he f8cks with his readers, something Cactus Ed loved to do.

But he always urged his readers to DO Something, just as TTW is doing. IN DS he ends the intro, "This is not a travel guide but an elegy. A memorial. You're holding a tombstone in your hands. A bloody rock. Don't drop it on your foot---throw it at something big and glassy. What do you have to lose?"

He was writing of the death of wilderness. And yet since his death we have gone from fighting for wilderness to fighting for the entire planet and the life of all of it.