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St. Patrick Was Of Course An Immigrant


From your comment to my reply, you must enjoy dark comics. My comment was
not meant to offend you and your choices of reading material. And for that
I apologize, My intent was to demonstrate what a caricature DJT is.


Very nice. (I'm with you.)


I thought I recognized it, no duh huh, he had a bunch of good ones. I recently came across one especially relevant these days, "civility is not a sign of weakness and sincerity is always subject to proof".


You like that word now huh? Good, enjoy it! Paint brighter sharper pictures with it, but don't forget there are other good words still out there, you can use them too!

You know its a funny story, not really that funny, but, I can remember first learning this word, "verbiage", while I was watching an episode of Frasier. No fancy education there, just broadcast television. Did you not have Access to network TV?? you poor thing. Well now you have a little story about how you learned the word too huh.

You know.. instead of trying to tear everyone else's shit down, why don't you try to build your shit up?


How about: "we shall never negate out of fear. But let us not fear to negotiate" . In fact, his Peace Speech on June 10th 1963 should be carved in granite.


Still no answer. That's what a network TV education will do for you. .