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Stability, Diplomacy, Peace: Scholars Say Benefits of Iran Deal Go Beyond Nonproliferation


Stability, Diplomacy, Peace: Scholars Say Benefits of Iran Deal Go Beyond Nonproliferation

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Just one day after people across the United States took to the streets to demonstrate their support for the nuclear deal between world powers and Iran, over 70 prominent international relations scholars took to their pens on Thursday, signing an open statement declaring the pact to be a "strong and positive step towards stabilizing the Middle East, beyond its undeniable non-proliferatio


" The business of America is business " Calvin Coolidge Funny when the likes of AIPAC, Wall Street and Usual Republican Suspects get around to lying about their real aims, this old saw falls by the wayside. The business of most of these criminals is eternal war, war profiteering or murdering innocent Muslim women and children. Or, as we cynics say, Sheldon Adelson's wet dream. At his advanced age can he still have wet dreams? Maybe Tom Cotton and Benjamin Netanyahu have them for him?


What in mrsannhitts' post do you read as supporting the murder of Muslim or Christian men, women, or children, by anyone? What in the P5+1 agreement do you see supporting such murders? What madness do you impute to the Israeli security and military as the motivation for their assertions that Iran is not seeking nuclear weapons?


Anyone with any sense whatsoever can see that sanctions haven't worked and inspection are better than no inspections.

Unfortunately Congress will be voting on the deal, not sensible people.


Russia, China, United Kingdom, France, Germany, and the European Union support the agreement. Is it not time certain people in the USA realised that they are part of the world and need not bomb it?

One benefit of this agreement is that the USA will be able to buy Iranian oil without wasting resources by invading Iran.


Peace and normalization of relations with Iran is a threat to war machine profiteers and endless Israeli racist occupation/expansionism. Conflict fuels war profits and cloaks Israeli war crimes and illegal colonization of the Occupied Territories. Those who profit from war and death in one way or another oppose the 5 nation + US deal with Iran - those who seek an end to for-profit endless wars support it. War mongers must have a bogeyman to point to as enemy, if they don't have one, they will create one - the Daesh/ISIS psychopaths they created are exceeding their expectations. Civilian priorities and funding (including fair taxation on the richest and corporations) has been shifted for decades to military/war spending by the trillion of dollars - all that money buys a lot of votes and support for more war, death and destruction.



Republicans also supported the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq, along with the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis and the displacement of at least a million. (Not to mention turning a once modern nation into a broken, smoking, toxic disaster.) Oh, and by the way, those "terrorists" you mention are all SUNNI inspired and populated, and not Shia, which is the overwhelming majority and ruling sect in Iran.

Indeed, if ISIS has a purpose other than being the proxy to complete the overthrow of the (Shia) Assad regime, or the establishment of an Islamic caliphate, its over-riding purpose is to make war on its centuries-old enemy, Shia Islam and its greatest stronghold, Iran.


Iran would be lucky indeed if this agreement (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, JCPOA for short) is NOT approved because it is an agreement designed to weaken Iran and make a US attack on Iran possible. Any comment without reading the text of the agreement and its attachments and annexes would obviously be an uninformed comment.


Of course Republicans wont' back this up since it is not their idea. Anything Noam backs I back because he is very, very knowledgeable. Many Americans vote against their own best interest which is part of the plan of controlling the world in my opinion. Very scary I am glad I will soon be 59 and won't be around more than 15 years. I plan on retiring at 62 and enjoy myself.


The USA has been cavorting with these sorts of bastards for years, buying Saudi Arabian petroleum and arming them. If one doesn't want millions of refugees flooding in from the Middle East, one shouldn't totally destroy their formally stable countries such as Iraq and Syria wherein despite unpleasant dictators they lived in reasonable harmony and had a better health service than the USA. I guess George W Bush hated then for their health service........