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Stacey Abrams Wants You to Upend the Status Quo, Too


Stacey Abrams Wants You to Upend the Status Quo, Too

Linda Kramer Jenning

Stacey Abrams has gone where no one who looks like her has gone before. With her May 22 Democratic primary win in Georgia, she became the first black woman to capture a major party’s nomination for governor. If elected this November, she will become the first black woman governor in the United States.


Stacey Abrams’ victory immediately launched her as a politically correct poster-woman for liberal America. Like Stacey Evens, she was also backed by GA powerbrokers and is far closer to the corrupt Kaseem Reed Dem Machine than Evans, who was backed by Bernie Sanders. Stacey Abrams stood with Republicans to substantially reduced and changed the Hope Scholarship so that 90% of black college bound students who need it the most were excluded from it. Be careful what and who Big Money Democrats and their various volunteer and paid apparatchiks promote in the media - even typically better informed news sites like Commondreams.


As the quotes listed in this ostensible piece of journalism (more like a pile of empty cliches and twittering tweets), Abrams’ website is a mountain of generalities and empty rhetoric full of sound (but not much fury) signifying nothing. The only things that her campaign upends are good sense, facts, and concrete plans for organizing and governance.

The only thing that will get Georgia voters out for this (s)election is that a significant number (as in the rest of the U.S.) are hard-core racists and sexists and the hate vote will be large. Unfortunately, the bland, innocuous corporate Abrams isn’t going to bring out enough voters to counter that. TheRoy Moore LOTE effect has it limits.

To compare Abrams to the great courageous Shirley Chisholm is a sick joke.


Very long odds, but I’m pulling for her. It would be an historic turning point in the Deep South.


While Stacey Abrams is getting a lot of deserved ink and webspace, Paulette Jordan and Kristin Collum are mostly being ignored. Paulette Jordan would be the first Native American governor and it would be an all female governor/lieutenant governor combination. Granted that Idaho is so white and Republican that her chances are slim, the number of votes and donations required to turn the tables is quite small. A little media support wouldn’t hurt.