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Stacking Cabinet With Deniers, Trump Says 'Nobody Really Knows' on Climate


Stacking Cabinet With Deniers, Trump Says 'Nobody Really Knows' on Climate

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Capping off a week that saw him nominate a known climate skeptic to head the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and put forth a fossil fuel CEO as potential secretary of state, President-elect Donald Trump said in a Sunday interview that "nobody really knows" if climate change is real.


When it comes to climate Trump is another George W. Bush. However, 16 years after the election of Bush we find that urgency to act in order to avoid catastrophic climate change is even much greater as years of inaction have led to a situation that staying under 2C might no longer be possible. The election of Trump, who apparently had a lot of help from the Russian government and the head of the FBI to win the electoral college, could be the final straw. The majority of Americans voted for Hillary Clinton and the polls show that most of the country doesn't like Trump and does not approve of his actions so far. The battle shaping up appears to be between Trump and his extremely wealthy corporate-connected appointees and the majority of the American people.


I am of the opinion that the environmental movement needs to make sure that in terms of scientific documentation, pollution and climate chaos reports and due diligence studies are always brought out hand in hand and that the metrics need to be correlated in real time and retroactively as far back in history as humanly possible.

The likes of Tillerson inhabit a nether world of generations of predation in which the entire 'growth', so lauded as system skirts collapse, is based on irresponsible practices to cut costs in every way possible except for profit pocketing and to deny catastrophes that historically accompany the longstanding corporate practices. So heinous were the consequences throughout this history that it was necessary to form an entire department of the federal government in an attempt to stem the overwhelming poisoning this model leaves in its wake.


If "nobody really knows" if the house is burning down, should we be playing with matches?


If "nobody really knows" if climate change is real ... ,
... then WHY doesn't some High-Profile Public figure — say, Obama —
ASK Trump PUBLICLY why he doesn't EVENLY SPLIT his advisors, instead of weighing us down with ONLY Deniers???
— OTHERWISE, it sounds like Donald really knows.


The only thing "nobody really knows" on Climate is how quickly the deterioration is escalating faster than scientists can predict.


Is Carbon Dioxide a greenhouse gas? End of debate.


There ARE, of course, Extremes, but in general BOTH of the DUOPOLY Parties have seriously IGNORED serious measures to slow down or reverse Climate Change.

— Clearly only a minority says the problem does not exist at all, but NEITHER oligarchic party has done anything to safeguard the Planet or its People, if it meant a slow-down of short-term profits.

Democratic Leadership is NOT immune.


" To the victor goes the spoils ". Since about 54% of the electorate didn't vote for Trump, they won. And, they get the spoils. Spoiled air, spoiled water, spoiled national parks, spoiled rivers from mining, spoiled oceans, farm and sewage runoff ... The spoiled system fit only for spoiled fat cat billionaires and Oily-garchies with kleptocratic tendencies. Yes, everything is becoming broken open and will become spoiled, when exposed to toxic practices. Enjoy your spoils, America.


The scientific debate ended years ago. What we have now is just a bunch of liars acting as though they didn't lose the debate. As long as there are enough people out there who are willing to go along with the lying this phony debate will go on until somehow the world is able to limit global warming despite the efforts of the liars to prevent action or the laws of chemistry and physics make the reality emphatically clear.


Saying "nobody knows" makes this Trump fib #486 for 2016.

Trump himself used a climate change argument to make a case to get approval for his resort in Scotland. It would be hard to find anybody during the past century who is more Machiavellian than Trump. He will say whatever it takes to attain his personal goals.

As was the case with many Dubya/Cheney supporters, many of the Trump supporters I have talked to this year admire him for his ability to get away with so many lies.


Not until Jesus sends down better textbooks and instruction manuals.:wink:


Presumptuous to believe that the Murkins who need them would read textbooks and/or instruction manuals.


That was also the problem with Hillary.


Hope dies last.


Well no surprise: As the late great James Baldwin pointed out "Americans" talk more about freedom and sex while knowing the least about either. 'Freedom' apparently only means license to too many to say whatever the hell surfaces from their shallow well...


Trump:" nobody really knows".

Make that: nobody with vested interests in the fossil fuel industries, really wants to know what climate scientists all over the world know!


Oh gosh yes, Hillary was exactly the same. So is Obama.


Not according to Politifact. The fact checkers found that Hillary stuck to the truth about as much as any of the candidates including Bernie Sanders. Among all the Republican candidates Trump was alone at the bottom of the list. He could be called the "pants on fire" candidate. Fortunately there are fact checkers to counter uniformed comments on the Internet with the actual facts. The far right lies much more than the far left but the latter is right up there as lying champions when the topic is Hillary Clinton. Where is the shame? Where are the apologies?


Yeah, right Donald.....this comment is evasion and lies, very like the Tobacco Industry and cigarette makers who had the data and evidence of cancer causation, exploding health-care costs and destroyed lives, but also said "nobody really knows"....they were eventually brought to heel by science and public/political opinion, after their power thru campaign-contribution bribes was diminished, and had to pay for their death-dealing lies.....I fervently hope "The Donald" is likewise made to pay for his lies and deceit, both legally and financially....impeachment and indictment awits his if there is any justice.......along with all his crony's and family of complicit clones!