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Stacking the Bench


Stacking the Bench

Gail Ablow

There is more to the story of Trump's latest unqualified judicial nominee.

President Trump is trying to recreate the bench in his own image: white, male and conservative.


The GOP will soon have enough right wing judges appointed that it won’t matter what party controls congress or the white house. Whatever legislation right wingers dislike will be challenged in Federal courts where the outcome is predetermined.


Can someone please name any Obama judicial appointee who was not formerly a corporate lawyer or prosecutor?


This is yet more unforeseen consequence of not voting LOTE, or not voting at all. We will be stuck with
extremely conservative and regressive judges all over the place, long after Trump is gone. The day-to-day decisions made by these people will not get much attention outside their immediate geographical area, but they will impact thousands of lives, not for the better. The permanent takeover of the People’s Government is proceeding according to plan, while the crazy tweets get all the attention.