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Staffer Outrage, Walkout Spurred by NYT Publication of Sen. Cotton 'Send in the Troops' Op-Ed

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/04/staffer-outrage-walkout-spurred-nyt-publication-sen-cotton-send-troops-op-ed


I sure didn’t read anything about this on the website of the NYT, including the opinion. ???

Two good pieces exposing the treasonous Tom Cotton’s agenda and role as Israeli stooge/lap-dog…

Tom Cotton: What’s the Reason for AIPAC’s $ 4.5 Million Support for the Young Senator?
"Cotton played an important role in leading and managing the anti-JCPOA movement in the US Senate - doing AIPAC’s (Israels) racist bidding like so many treasonous scum politicians and others who put the interests of that foreign power - Israel - ahead of legitimate US interests and world peace!

The subversion of low-life politicians like Cotton by Israel is treasonous and should be considered a decades-long attack on the US.
Speaking of which, the anniversary of the Israeli sneak-attack on the USS Liberty is June 8, when Israel tried and filed to sink her and all its American sailors in 1967 - they did kill and wound over 200 - our great ally is still attacking, subverting our politics, and sabotaging us! Our own officials party to the cover-up and serving the attacker! ENOUGH! NEVER FORGET!
~http://www.gtr5.com/evidence/moorer.htm Findings of Admiral Moorer Commission
~https://www.theguardian.com/world/2001/aug/08/israel - overview of attack and cover-up!



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the nyt is a government propaganda rag.
along with washington post, cnn, and others.

I am also laughing at mayors and governors blaming looting on ‘outsiders’.
this is to hide the real truth from tourists, local residents and attempts to place blame off their elected shoulders.


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In addition to the racist cops, YES, here in Mpls/StP we have had outside nazi, whitey camo cos play dick heads from out of state here, in addition to the racist shits who live out side the of the metro area.
I have personally seen out of state plates (NY, SD, ND, WI) in MY neighborhood and they ain’t tourists coming here to go fishing. I’ve also seen cars, trucks, and suvs with NO PLATES speeding down our streets.
Jaysus, oldie…it ain’t funny at all.


The mayor CAN put up the photos of the arrested out of towners on the city or police web site. No problem. Or the county list jail prisoner list with photos. No problem from me.

I am south of you and the violence in the multiple shopping areas are our local hoods. They do not need any assistance or much provocation in Chicago.

Never approach any vehicle without license plates. These are the anti government, white nationalist, armed whacko guys. Some of your out of state visitors are on some ones payroll to create dissension, fear and damage. Again, publicize their arrests. Who, from where and what they did.

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This is reply to all you write - Your assertion that “no international accord or law precluded Israeli settlements” is BS rubbish - no article by “Perry Miller” in NLR can be found!
Propaganda and far-flung claims wrapped in an obnoxious, abusive know-it-all superiority with just a whiff of truth for the gullible - you must be the “real left”, the “umbrella man” of CD.

“Amusing”? GFYS komrade!- the stench of propgandist-provocateur pushing lies, false incomplete history, baseless assertions, disinformation, arrogant contempt for others, make your (and your “think-tank”) presence here a divisive deceit and fraud; u r transparent!

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Roxane Gay tweets:

“We are well served by robust and ideologically diverse public discourse that includes radical, liberal, and conservative voices.” But, she continued, “This is not that. His piece was inflammatory and endorsing military occupation as if the constitution doesn’t exist.”

How is this consistent with ~https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Insurrection_Act_of_1807 which states how many times the US military has been used on US soil? I’ve seen the pics of marines in Los Angeles (before I moved here). It’s pretty obvious that they can be used in this regard.

Perhaps writers at the NYT should be this upset when it is proposed to use our military in other countries we have no business being in as opposed to their typical cheerleading.

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I am glad to see that at least some of the people that work for the NYT still have a conscience and/or believe in democracy.

Do the papers in Chi town publish photos of people arrested? for protesting? Legalities?
Asking for a friend…
Thanks for the warning about the no-plates; I’m an old timer, I know what these shitheads are capable of.

I did not request the site, but it shows up every morning as an email for two adjoining counties with photos, names and charges against the individual.
Cook county jail provides 18% of our county corona19 virus cases.
7,752 prisoners. 4,522 inside and 3,224 outside due to the virus.
no photos.
1/3 have mental problems such as emotional or low IQ.
In winter, homeless men steal a toothbrush to get arrested and into jail for warm and food.

I genuinely respect Minnesota and Wisconsin. Around January 1950, they began being called up for the Korean war. They arrived with minus 45 degrees, wind and ice. Took off their jackets and declared that a heat wave had arrived. Also were #2 and #3 in IQ test results, just behind Iowa. Of course, Iowa wrote the tests and used the answer book on their laps.

Whether the statement is “BS rubbish” can be debated — the fact is, it is false.

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OK, point taken - my anger at the comment I responded to, and numerous other false and misleading comments by that person got the better of me. The no law bars colonization and the Oslo Accords supercede International Human Rights Law on territory under occupation.Thanks

here is the original - ~https://commons.commondreams.org/t/pompeo-reups-threats-to-icc-over-us-israel-war-crimes-probes-showing-white-house-determined-to-prevent-accountability/78529/7