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Staffers for Top Democrats Reportedly Attended 'Luxury' Retreat Hosted by Lobbyists Fighting Medicare for All

Staffers for Top Democrats Reportedly Attended 'Luxury' Retreat Hosted by Lobbyists Fighting Medicare for All

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As nurses, doctors, and ordinary Americans ramped up their nationwide effort to build support for Medicare for All at the grassroots level and in Congress, staffers for some of the nation's top Democratic lawmakers reportedly attended a "luxury resort" hosted by corporate lobbyists working to undermine the growing push for single-payer.


How do these people-lobbyists, whoring politicians- sleep at night? I guess the Healthcare racket has drugs a-plenty for those who protect its right to put a tollgate on the cemetry.


I hope that this gets disseminated widely by the few non-corporate Dems. I’ve been gagging since I saw the headline.


Is there a reason that not all the democrats were listed who attended this pompous retreat organized by medical industrial industry?

Sure would like to know who these disgusting individuals are so we all can contact them in our respective states.


They have no conscience, so they sleep very well; especially, when they check their bank accounts!


With an open bar at the resort the attendees probably slept very well.

“Salamander resort” is so fitting when you consider how these operatives function mostly in the dark, just like salamanders that live under rocks.

Recall that upon moving into the White House Obama launched the ACA process with a secret meeting with Billy Tauzin to assure Billy that the ACA would continue to prohibit the Medicare and ACA from negotiating drug prices.


Their drug of choice is Sociopathy .
Keeps you numb and dumb all day and let’s you sleep like a baby at night.


On the best Mattress’s that money can Buy.


Face it - MANY of the Dems (all of the “Leadership”) are just as sociopathic as any Republican.
There’s only one party the Kabuki Party

But dont’ worry there’s an election coming up and you’ll have a choice

Wall Street Red or Wall Street Blue


Only the staffers, or were Krooked Hilliary, Dirty Debbie and most of the superdelegates there as well?   I wonder how many bags of Benjamins each of the attendees brought home to their bosses??


As Nader has said many times…“90% of the time, there is no difference between the two parties”.
They spend their free time Dialing for dollars.


I am becoming a FIRM believer that “The Republic is Lost”! (Or should I say…SOLD!!!)



The Democrats KNOW how the American people feel about Medicare for all with overwhelming support for the same among what deemed their base yet they still attended this convention.

This demonstrates clearly what they think of the voter. This is the Democrats telling any that would vote for them “Fuck you” I do as I please.

If Trump wins again because of things such as this (as happened with Hilary) they will blame the voter or the Russians and never themselves. They are absolutely disgusting.


The record of far too many DINO Dems conspiring with the for-profit health care industry, big-pharma, and insurance parasites is very long - along with other big-money interests, from wall street and bankers to the war-machine… Universal not for profit Health care is a Human Right, but not here in the good old US of A!

Both political parties are corrupted by wealth and profits uber alles, and do not serve the Common Good unless dragged by their worthless necks. The legality and access “lobbyists” have to subvert the will of the people and Common Good to gain wealth by paying-off politicians should be outlawed, but big-money greases lots of palms - legal bribery of “public officials” for obvious quid pro quo payoffs.

The DINO establishment big-money shills are wetting themselves trying to walk a fine and behind closed doors to derail and stymie the people’s demands on many issues including universal not for profit health care insurance and rein-in the overt greed dominating our corrupt politics…The Quislings, liars and phony “progressives” must be exposed and rooted-out - Biden being a good place to start.


Cognitive Dissonance:
The state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.

This is the realm of democratic voters. Democratic voters, and sometimes democratic candidates, can be seen espousing progressive ideals, but the voters never actually see any actual progressive reforms taking place. There is generally a ready made scapegoat, someone to blame that the reforms can not occur. Sometimes the reforms “aren’t practical”, at other times foreign nations intervene such as Russia. At times the appointed “magical” reform saviors fail to come through, like Mueller. This ongoing notion among democratic voters, that there is a democratic party who represent progressive ideals and the voting public, is not supported by any empirical evidence, but is instead based upon propaganda and an ongoing sense of great hope - something similar to a prayer. cognitive dissonance occurs when one’s belief is not supported by one’s experience.


Hell, if I had their money I’d sleep just fine too! So would most of us here! But I doubt I would be like them…

Great definition! Of why I have called the dems. the fake opposition party.


Another “Gathering” for the rich to decide what they plan to do with us. Similar to Davos or Bohemian Grove.


I guess its going to take some time until these old MFkrs and their supporters die and are replaced by progressive young people.