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'Staggering' Development as Trump Personal Lawyer Michael Cohen to Invoke Fifth Amendment


'Staggering' Development as Trump Personal Lawyer Michael Cohen to Invoke Fifth Amendment

Jon Queally, staff writer

In a development described as "staggering" in the ongoing saga involving President Donald Trump and adult-film actress Stormy Daniels—and the efforts made to keep her silent about the sexual affair she claims they had—Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen on Wednesday told a federal court judge that he will plead the Fifth Amendment in order to avoid self-incrimination if he is forced to testify in the case.


A “staggering development”?

According to whom?

Those who understand that AmeriKKKa was founded on genocide, slavery, ecocide and male supremacy are not staggered.

Those who understand that AmeriKKKa’s systems of law and governance were created to justify and maintain supremacy are not staggered.

Wise up, readers! Who wants you to be surprised by these dynamics, at this late date? And why?


Just like in watergate and Iran-Contra, when people start pleading the fifth, the shit is about to come down.
Why do you think the sleazy but well connected Gulianni was brought in at this juncture? He’s not there to save Trump. He’s there to negotiate a way out for him. He’s there to secure a deal that will see Trump resign and slunk out of DC and back to NY without criminal charges brought against him or his organization.
As all of Trumps old friends from the City have said, he is about to throw everybody under the bus in order to save his own ass. That includes his attorneys, his business partners, and his family. Everybody is wondering who will turn states evidence first, Cohen, Manafort, or Flynn. But in the end it will be Trump himself that goes to Mueller and offers to turn on them all.
Just watch, Trump is going to try and portray himself as a hero that, instead of colluding with the Russians, tried to expose them and their supposed “plot.”
This is all going to end like a bad tv show.


Politicians, federal-level Republicans in particular and Donald Trump and friends in spades live in a “that was then, this is now” ethical arrangement. I’m used to it, so it’s not stunning anymore.

One by one, the whole gang is going to cash in their chips and retire, some to Aruba, some to Club Fed. The remaining Republicans are going to shocked, shocked to hear of all this! Actually, quite a pile of Congresspeople are also moving to Aruba next November.


How’s the shoe feel on your other foot?
I remember conservatives and all other manner of free market fascists telling us that If we aren’t doing anything wrong we have nothing to fear from living in a surveillance police state.
If Cohen wasn’t doing anything wrong, what does he have to fear? Right?
Besides attorney/client privilege no longer exists when the attorney and client have conspired to commit a crime.


Michael Avanetti called this one.

Another mafia thug goes down.


MM noted that Cohen has committed three felonies per day. Cohen sounds guilty by that yardstick.


More like obvious development. Anybody expect he wouldn’t plead the 5th? Anybody?


You do realize that the investigation is being run out of the southern district office and that a magistrate had to approve the warrant, right? You also realize there’s good reason to believe that Cohen was not acting as an attorney, the judge in the pending case questioned his status outright, right? And you realize special counsel is permitted to refer other crimes for investigation of evidence of such is found? Look at Mueller’s authorization.

For all the talk of distraction from certain “progressive” quarters, the willingness of progressives to distract themselves is sort of amazing. And to my point:


It’s an adage - not proven truth. I believe that all kinds of people manage to get through their day without committing even misdemeanors. And if you conduct your business competently - that includes risk assessment, compliance audits, awareness of Safe Harbor provisions, ethics rules etc. - then you can avoid the serious law breaking that put you under the microscope of someone like Robert Mueller. And if not, then you really shouldn’t be president.


Oh my god - what a nightmare ending. I confess I hadn’t thought of this possibility, but now that you say it, it sounds all too plausible.


Did you come out in defense of Bill Clinton during that special investigation?

This is how prosecutions work. If Trump and Clinton didn’t act as if they were above the law and accepted social conduct for men in their positions, if they had been more forthcoming and transparent about their business dealings to begin with, we the people would never have been in Monica Lewinski/Stormy Daniels territory to begin with.

I couldn’t defend Clinton then and Trump now; they are both privileged wealthy white men who think the rules don’t apply to them because they are so exceptionally more special than everyone else. And when you think and act like the rules don’t apply to you, then it is only just and right that when you’re caught out, the rules don’t apply to you. After all, there’s law and then there’s justice.


To paraphrase Trump: MAFIA THUGS PLEAD THE 5TH.

For once in his life Trump spoke the truth!


Crunch, crunch, In any case, crunch, it sure is, crunch, crunch, awfully good theater. Whoops, I gotta go to the store, I ran out of popcorn.



That is about how I see it too…

One thing trump can do and has proven in record is the ability to get out of Dodge when the law catches up with him.

Lie, Duck and Run…and I think his little false empire will crumble this time, as well.

Boy the little trolls here are really reaching for explanations

"if you have a shred of honor, decency, and a respect for the Rule of Law this should terrify you.

I must agree, having a professed racketeering Criminal MOB in the WH does terrify me.

When our President brags…BRAGS about being able to get away with killing someone on 5th avenue …YES this ShitHead does SCARE ME.


Pleading the 5th doesn’t keep one out of jail.

Let’s see how he responds when they start turning the screws.


The one difference is that Clinton and his staff—Mike Espy for one—did have a very legitimate complaint about IC’s going on a search-and-destroy mission. I really don’t think the country has fully addressed what happened in the 90s. Clinton was cleared by Robert Fiske, but a group of Bush and Reagan appointees on the court appointed a new IC based on spurious nonsense at best. The IC investigation should not have gone on past 1994.

Now, that does not excuse Clinton from lying to the IC or to the nation. But the perjury trap was set by an IC that gave legal advice to Paula Jones. It never should have happened and was a gross violation of ethical norms (along with partisan leaks from the IC’s office, etc.) that I can’t defend.


Was anyone ever punished for Watergate or Iran - Contra?