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'Staggering Reach' of UK Surveillance and 15-Year Coverup Revealed



The "1984 Telecommunications Act"? Wow! George Orwell must be smiling out there somewhere.


Anybody can enter anything into a computer database. Do citizens have access to the data records on themselves? If so, what recourse does the citizen have to get any errors corrected? If so, why should the onus be on the citizen to check the verity of the data? If not, then the data is unverified and thus consists of something other than simple information. The onus is on those collecting the data to investigate and verify the contents. This would provide millions of jobs and business opportunities and help further boost profits in the publically paid for surveillance industry.


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I've watched your additions to the conversation and I must say that they have always pointed true.

Much of what we speak to here has gone robust simply as an evolution of computing. Almost as a force independent of human pathos. That is to say the technogy is itself driving the curve.

Of course one cannot dismiss the Poindexters. Even he was unaware his emails were being backed up. It was fun at the time to actually bust him with common ops.

Even if we can craft laws to control the hubris, I'm not sure we can control inventiveness. We never thought of doing specific tasks because we weren't able. Now that is no longer a limit.

Imagine the extent of the classified abilities.
We never used to export technology unless we had a 100 to 1 superiority. Swiftly that went to a 1000 to 1. Now we are working in realms vastly beyond that.

Tracking 100% of 7 billion people has now become trivial.

Add in the Cheney types and hubris goes over what most people can even imagine.

Probable Cause needs to be resurrected.


So Great Britain is even more like the United States than I thought. Both nations are becoming more and more totalitarian. Perhaps it is not surprising that both nations have entered periods of serious, long-term decline. Speaking as a life-long American, and considering the behavior of both nations in recent decades -- at home and abroad -- both nations deserve to devolve into miserable, second-world states while the advanced nations of the world leave them behind.