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'Staggeringly Cruel': With Over 36 Million Out of Work, Trump Says He's Willing to Let Boosted Unemployment Benefits Expire

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/20/staggeringly-cruel-over-36-million-out-work-trump-says-hes-willing-let-boosted

cruel countries do cruel things and create cruel people.

United Sadists of America


Perhaps, to stimulate the economy further, trump could sell his wife and children to the highest bidder, with no bids accepted by any republican or conservative. Who knows, maybe they would all make suitable slaves.

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The Slave MUST work for the master. The master just has to give up enough of his profits to feed and clothe the slave.

If the Slave has other means by which to support themselves other then laboring for the master to make the master richer, than those means must be removed. Make them hungry. Threaten them with homelessness and the slave will come crawling back begging for that minimum wage job and those in charge can call it “free choice and a voluntary contract”


The US has become the the Ugly Nation, no better than the Nazis.The willingness of our government to let many thousands of people die for the Stock Market, is equally hideous. The older I get, the more embarrassed I am to be an american. No capital letters any more, just the stench of rot.


In an economy where the richest take all the gains while the poor and working class haven’t seen a raise in four decades, it is the rich who will reap the benefits while workers get sick and die. Once again It is finance capitalism that is being bailed out when it should have suffocated under its own weight in 2009.


Well well well here we are - May 2020

The supposed vaccine to save us all from the Moderna company that was touted in early results as wonderful has gone partially bust and the company was found to be wildly misleading about the nature of the results. Hahahaha told ya so… there will be no successful vaccine for this - ever …Mark my words…
We may get something that gives partial and temporary immunity but that’s the best we are getting. It is in the subtext of everything every person in the fields of science and medicine are saying. I do not get how people are missing it… maybe it is just too awful to contemplate…?
Let’s talk about our future now… buckle up buttercups…

This country is a shitpot of corruption. A quintessential banana republic. Trump is now a deranged dictator surrounded by toadies who are also deranged. Brain dead age-ed Pelosi and her gang are cashing in just fine and she is wailing about Trump’s obesity and throwing wads of cash to lobbyists and financials instead of aiding people in desperate straits.
We cannot and will not come back from the total degradation of the country by this R and D cabal of criminals. Nothing less than wiping out most of the population and ALL of these crooks AND THEIR OFFSPRING will free us from the cesspool.

And no one is yet fully or even partially cognizant of any of this.
They are all glued to Netflix et al expecting any day to resume normality when normality has been murdered, dismembered into microscopic bits, cremated and scattered in the ocean. Jobs will never come back for the people who need them immediately, healthcare will be rationed to the rich only and they will literally throw the rest of us out of the hospital doors if they need a bed or a medicine.

This will be Snowpiercer ( watching the new series now) the Hunger Games, 1984 and Brave New World all rolled into one…
People have become irredeemably and willfully stupid. And intellectually bankrupt. This is what we as USians so richly deserve- at least what most of us deserve…

Enjoy this time now people, whatever mild annoyance this shutdown and the detached shock we feel at the COVID19 deaths we have right now… because…

THIS time in history going to look like an idyllic paradise lost in a decade…

When all semblance of democracy, honesty, morality, and empathy have been completely purged from both our rulers and the citizenry…

District 13 or The Tail anyone…? …

good times


If by “successful” you mean “safe and effective,” I fear you may be right; however, if by “successful” you mean “highly profittable,” I respectfully disagree–especially if, as I’ve predicted, a vaccine is made mandatory.


Time for change. Every time there is a crisis, the taxpayer and the needy are called on to bail out the banks and the major financial institutions. If you had a real capitalist economy in place, that would not be happening. Capitalists who made risky investments and failed would be wiped out. But the rich and powerful do not want a capitalist system. They want to be able to run the nanny state so when they are in trouble the taxpayer will bail them out. The conventional phrase is “too big to fail.” Time for change.


Many of us warned of this happening. Not enough listened. A great example of the fact that not (all) republican and democratic politicians are the same.

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Perhaps not all the same, while still being an enabling factor.

There’s more than enough blood for all their hands my friend.


Good comments above to be sure, and as usual I share your frustration and anger. This story highlighted two points for me when you look past that initial rage.
First, Congress controls the purse strings of government, yet not single word from our so-called opposition party to Trumps claims. IMO this proves once again we have but one party, with two wings. Some will say dems can’t stop this, maybe not, but we want opposition NOW, whether it can be stopped or not. You do not live in a democracy without an opposition party.
Second, this is an election year, usually filled with half empty promises directed at the public to build support for candidates and political parties. There’s almost none of that going on by either party now. IMO this shows neither party is afraid of the peoples vote, I wont bore you with the details as to why that is, the bottom line is the people have no leverage, no representation in government, and zero power to control our lives, yet some here still cling to the myth we are some sort of democracy (if we ever were). We will not vote ourselves out of this, and there’s no hero coming to rescue us.
So are we going to fight, or laydown in defeat? Everyone in this country must ask themselves this question. Sadly it has come to this.


I absolutely stand corrected Guild. Yes - profitable!


Can you see what’s going on? The $2.3 trillion CARES Act, the Donald Trump-led rescue package signed into law on March 27th, is a radical rethink of American capitalism. It retains all the cruelties of the free market for those who live and work in the real world, but turns the paper economy into a state protectorate, surrounded by a kind of Trumpian Money Wall that is designed to keep the investor class safe from fear of loss.

Matt Taibbi


My comment, PB, was about the election of trump.I don’t believe you can blame very many democrats for voting for trump.

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Sorry G. I’m so thoroughly fed up with all of them that I don’t see much difference between them.

They’re all money-grubbing vultures born from a system that promotes that behavior.


Yup, I noticed a little angst about the duopoly from you here, there, and everywhere.
Sometimes it is hard for me to notice since the republicans keep moving the line as to what is sick politics.

This is how you know your government is in complete shambles.
The fed urging congress to bail out people.

"Fed Chairman Urges Congress to Bailout People! w/Dylan Ratigan
Jimmy Dore

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Cruel it is, but then with this crew, Cruelty Is The Point.
It’s all right, though; we’re letting him continue to take us down, and then inviting him to continue by allowing him to run for a second term.
We are almost as culpable as him.