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'Stain on Public Service': Ocasio-Cortez Calls Out Fellow Democrat Barbara Boxer for Helping Lyft Fight Against California Labor Bill

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/29/stain-public-service-ocasio-cortez-calls-out-fellow-democrat-barbara-boxer-helping


AOC, don’t you get it ? That is what corporate tools do.It’s the revolving door.Politicians become regulators to assist in the regulating of politicians. Tax the sheeple to rake care of your friends.


Congress Woman Omar is right it is all about the Benjamin$.

Getting Legislation passed that favors WE THE PEOPLE depends upon how much the opposition is willing to Donate/Bribe the Legislators or former Legislators turned Lobbyist.

We do not live in a Democracy or a Representative Government, we live in a Fascist State.

Fascism = Corporate Controlled Government.

BERNIE - 2020


They get so used to accepting dirty lucre while in office, they feel entitled to it after they leave. The reason Trump gets away with all his emolument violations is Congress doesn’t want to shine a light on their own dirty habits. Even if we throw the bums out of office they just come back as lobbyists and continue to bite us in the ass.



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GREED CAPITALISM is no respecter of morals , laws, or fairness.
We need a couple hundred more like AOC to point the finger at the hypocrites!


boxer must be in the early stages of alzheimer’s - the only reason I can fathom for her turn to the right - ugh-
this is not her only horrific comments from a formerly “liberal” democrat, one who now has nothing but glowing comments about biden. awful what is becoming of the damn democrats, but then too many of us were not well informed after all. GO BERNIE! GO AOC! the only ones who bring us change we need and want and speak truth to power.


Alexandria is right. There’s enough Corporate Prostitutes out there already.

This is exactly what’s wrong with this country.

For far too many who have become corrupted by power and position, "It’s all about the Benjamins."


Happily, former Senator Boxer’s paid for opposition doesn’t seem to have influenced the strong support for the bill as it has moved forward at every step of the legislative process (59-15 vote on third reading in the assembly at the end of May then 4-1 vote out of the Senate Labor Public Employment and Retirement Committee in July and 7-0 vote out of the Senate Appropriations Committee this month). I expect it to fully pass and get Governor Newsom’s signature in the next couple of months.


I want to see a petition demanding to name the Lyft drivers Boxer supposedly met with so we can hear their version of what was said. It’s a little hard to believe that they said, “sure Barbara, compromise away the meat of this bill.”


The entire ‘democrat’ leadership is a 'Stain on Public Service’


boxer was always like this. people just weren’t/aren’t looking. they never have.

this is what happens when voters look at what people say, but pay zero attention to what they actually do.


Sounds like you prolly should be " shorting " your Uber and Lyft stocks.
Try going " long " on Lockheed/Martin or General Dynamics. Gold is prolly a good hedge and doesn’t involve shitty health insurance and benefits. At least for the coins and bars.


Never forget, it was Boxer who lied on stage directly to delegates at the Nevada state convention during the 2016 caucus after the Establishment tools (just like her) corruptly shut down the voting, saying she heard from Hillary and Bernie calling for unity. She didn’t hear from anybody - she just wanted to shut up the Sanders delegates. When she got booed, she riled up the (justifiably) upset Bernie delegates by chanting “Hillary, Hillary,…” over and over and also “your booing yourselves out of the party”. She then flipped them the middle finger as she walked off the stage … and then had the gall to say she “feared for her life” and perpetuated the lies (caught on camera, Babs) that “Bernie Bros” were “throwing chairs” and being violent. That one incident showed what she always really had been - an entitled, elitist POS and all the Lefties out there who supported her all those years should be getting out their torches and pitchforks. Go away, Babs, you sell-out hack.


Gee, I wonder what benefits the former contractors turned employees would get?

Unemployment insurance
Health care subsidies
Paid parental leave
Overtime pay
Workers’ compensation
A guaranteed $12 minimum hourly wage


TBD- to be determined. A side gig usually doesn’t pay the rent, feed and insure the kids, etc. Unless you’re Modest Mouse, Bruce Hornsby, Jason Aldean, Bonnie Raitt or Vince Gill… ya know, people who can actually do side gigs.
And, that’s not really what AOC is getting at, here. Sen. Boxer’s disingenuous advice/remarks, given her former positions, is closer to the mark. The Republicans don’t need much help on this, really.


You do realize that this legislation pertains to many jobs beyond driving for Lyft, right?


Boxer lands a sweet gig that could leave workers with a sour taste in their mouths.


Once a whore always a whore.
And Barbara Boxer has always been a whores whore. She earned her moniker “senator from Raytheon” many times over. Ol Barb never met a war she wasn’t willing to send others peoples children off to die in. Especially one that defended or backed up Israel.
Just go away Barbara Boxer. For the sake of the nation, just go away.


‘Small minority’ as euphemism for ‘labor’. Which has, of course, been sticking it to the poor corporate man since 1981.